Rooney Mara of ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Makes Goth Look Glamorous

rooney maraRooney Mara, star of the much-anticipated and much-buzzed-about Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is killing it on the red carpet these days. Slaying it. She hasn't disappointed yet with her edgy style and I hope she keeps up the great work, even though I assume it's not easy. Rooney's been pulling off the impossible -- it's no small feat to dress like a movie star and as a movie character all at once. Don't you think she and her character Lisbeth Salander are starting to morph, fashion-wise?

I'm sure the studio is very pleased with Rooney's dark glamour; it fits the tone of the movie brilliantly. I think it's been a while since a star has successfully crossed style with the character she plays. Winona Ryder may have been the last to do so.


You remember Winona in the '90s, right? From Reality Bites to Edward Scissorhands to Boys, Winona seemed to always dress and look the part of her characters. In true '90s style -- short hair, red lips, black, baggy clothes, and hard-core boots -- Winona epitomized a decade as well as more than a few of the characters she portrayed in movies.

Rooney reminds me of Winona for that reason and the fact that she's styled like it's 1994. To my surprise, it's working. Ms. Mara's managing to look fresh yet vintage. She and Winona stick out in my mind as two stars who embody '90s flyness as well as their roles -- maybe Rooney's taken a page out of Winona's career playbook. Looking goth and playing girls in dark movies worked great for Ms. Ryder. I have a feeling it's going to pay off for Rooney, as well.

Let's just hope Rooney sticks to the gloomy yet graceful looks and stays away from the shoplifting. That was not good. Not good for anybody.

Do you think Rooney's channeling both Lisbeth and Winona, too?


Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty

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