How to Wear '90s Clothes in 2012 (PHOTOS)

styles trends from the 90sIf you've been watching the rapid turnover of style trends, you'll know that there is some very '90s fashion happening. It's true. Last year the 1980s were all back in, and bam, just like that we're in the '90s. Of course for some of us that wasn't that long ago and maybe we still have some of our clothes purchased in the 1990s in our closets.

Okay, not maybe -- totally. I still have more than one clothing item that I rocked in the 1990s, and I'm putting it on again because I think it still works. Completely ignoring that sage advice I heard on Oprah once (something about, never wear a trend twice in your lifetime), I dusted off some duds and am here -- for you - modeling them and taking feedback.

So what do you think, are the '90s back? Or should they stay put for another decade or two?


styles trends from the 90sThe Grunge Shirt

Gone are the bright colors, all hail neutrals that look like you've rolled in clay, or just finished your shift at the mine. Also, how sad that your one shirt got the sleeves ripped off so you have to wear a close-fitting (maybe even long underwear) underneath it! This shirt I bought @1997 is still grunge-i-rific, and I love it. I say this gets a pass. (Note -- black military-esque belt, also from the '90s.)

styles trends from the 90sThe Vintage Dress

While I used to rock this 1950s-60s vintage dress with opaque black tights by Hue, and of course, my combat boots -- today I would do something different. My tights would still be dark, but I would ditch the boots. Who am I kidding? This constitutes bringing back not one, but two decades of trends and I am just not able to pull that off. You know who can? My daughter in about 12 years. I'm keeping it.

styles trends from the 90sThe Boots

I recently dusted these off and I'm oh-so-glad I did. My knee-high Fleuvogs with the thick metal zipper got me through some amazing totally '90s nights. I remember someone saying to me, "You look like you're going to kick me, then you're going to f*** me." I like that look, and I'm keeping them.

Are you wearing '90s clothes in 2012?


Image via American Apparel

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