'RHOBH' Camille Grammer's Beauty Secrets EXPOSED

Camille Grammer
Love her or loathe her, RHOBH star Camille Grammar is undeniably GORGEOUS for a woman her age.

I am seriously envious of her skin, her makeup, her WARDROBE ... I doubt I'll have the money to look that good when I'm her age, but a girl can dream, right?

Well, Renee DeSantis from the website A Beauty Loft interviewed the woman behind Camille's look -- her makeup artist and BFF Dedra Whitt.

Dedra had five great tips on looking your most beautiful, Real Housewife-style, that I couldn't wait to share.

And guess what? NOT ONE OF THEM involves plastic surgery!

Everybody wins!

Check out the tips -- after the jump.


Before we begin, let me just advise you to read the whole interview, particularly if you're RHOBH-obsessed like me, because it's got some great insights into what Camille's like off-camera. But here's the snippet that most stood out to me ... Dedra's tips on looking your best:

1. It starts with the skin. Exfoliate and hydrate. Without beautiful skin, it doesn’t matter what you put on top. Use a Clarisonic brush once a day.

2. Get lots of sleep. That is the best trick for beauty. I sleep like 9-10 hours a night.

3. Use a great concealer. If you can’t get 10 hours of sleep, it will give you the appearance of it. Chanel makes a great one. Mally makes a great one. Something creamy and warm in hue.

4. When applying makeup, less is definitely more. Accentuate the positives in your appearance. Don’t mask them.

5. Stay out of the sun. It is the worst. Unfortunately, thank you ozone layer!!

First of all, the sleep thing is out, unless you have a live-in nanny, right? My kids are up at 7:30 every single morning, clamoring for me to get out of bed, and I realize that I'm one of the lucky ones! Some of my mom friends are up at FIVE with their kids each morning, and I totally remember being there when my son was smaller!

However, the Clarisonic brush really intrigues me. I keep seeing them for sale at high-end spas and I really want to try one, but HELLO. EXPENSIVE. Do any of you have one and, if so, do you love it? Is it worth the big bucks?

I'm still in search of the perfect concealer, so I just might act on this Chanel tip. Do you have any other concealer favorites I should know about?

The other tips are really common sense, but worth sharing, right?

What do you think of Dedra's beauty tips? And what tips would you add to this list?


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