Christmas Morning Will Be Ruined Without Cute, Cozy Pajamas


christmas pajamasThe best part about Christmas morning is the cinnamon buns. That is a fact. The second best part about Christmas morning is staying in your pajamas 'til noon and wearing gift bows in your hair. Goodness I love eating breakfast pastries in PJs with paper and string on my head, don't you? I was thinking that this year I'd look extra good doing it, though. Instead of an old high school basketball tournament t-shirt and stained sweatpants, I think I'm going to step up my sartorial game and actually wear some nice pajamas. Not, like, silk ones or whatever -- I'm not some sort of gigolo -- but cute, holiday-appropriate ones. I've never had a pair of cool PJs, so really, there's no better time than now to hop on the super-duper sleepwear train. Here are five pair of Christmas morning pajamas I'm considering:

christmas pajamas
J.C. Penney Snowflake PJ's, $17
Blue looks good on me, and probably on you, too. These look comfy, cozy, and great for all winter long.

christmas pajamas
Target Skiing Monkey PJs, $27
Flannel with skiing monkeys on it? I wish I could wear these to work.

christmas pajamas
Macy's Ralph Lauren PJs, $42
Sophisticated yet comfortable, I like that these wouldn't make me look 6 years old.

christmas pajamas
Victoria's Secret Dreamer PJs, $30
I think this pair is my favorite of the bunch. I love the colors, the pattern, and I'm pretty sure I'll prefer their fit. I will look so good taking down dozens of sticky buns wearing these.

christmas pajamas
Kohl's Fleece PJs, $24
I bet these are crazy warm and great for those cold mornings and nights when you just can't seem to heat up. Love the fairisle print -- an effortless classic.

I think I'm leaning toward the VS ones, but still not sure. Guess I have to hurry up and choose because holy speeding calender, Batman: It's December 20.

What do you wear Christmas morning? Do you have a PJ recommendation?


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madfoot madfoot

I don't believe you. I think you're some sort of gigolo.

Shell... Shell__Beach

I have blue Nick & Nora PJs from Target with monkeys on moons. I bought them when they had matching ones for boys, so for 2 years my son and I matched on Christmas. This year I will be wearing my red Nick & Nora footed PJs with the sock monkeys on the feet instead (What? Don't give me that look, they were a gift from my family 3 years ago!). But you definitely cannot go wrong with Nick & Nora PJs, they are so cozy.


Grandmother bought cute ones for the kids- and I made pj pants for me and the hubs. We'll wear them w red thermal shirts.

It was actually funny bc hubs was like: how fat do u think I am? Those won't yes, they fit perfectly...." and then he fell asleep in them.

nonmember avatar Chrissy

We decided to start the tradition this year! We will open them Christmas eve (well hubs and I will prob wear the sMe ones for a few year -unless I lose these unwanted pounds ;) and my son and futures kiddos will get new ones on Christmas eve. I wanted the target sock monkeys but they've been sold out for weeks. I got some whit ones with green and red stripes. Classic button up top. Gosh! I feel like such a grown up now. Lol.

Marjc... Marjchaos

I've come to prefer nightgowns or long nightshirts. So I ordered a cute flannel one while ordering my husband some new PJs (yeah, he actually wears them). Cute nighties now, pretty/sexy nighties for later.

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