Christmas Morning Will Be Ruined Without Cute, Cozy Pajamas

christmas pajamasThe best part about Christmas morning is the cinnamon buns. That is a fact. The second best part about Christmas morning is staying in your pajamas 'til noon and wearing gift bows in your hair. Goodness I love eating breakfast pastries in PJs with paper and string on my head, don't you? I was thinking that this year I'd look extra good doing it, though. Instead of an old high school basketball tournament t-shirt and stained sweatpants, I think I'm going to step up my sartorial game and actually wear some nice pajamas. Not, like, silk ones or whatever -- I'm not some sort of gigolo -- but cute, holiday-appropriate ones. I've never had a pair of cool PJs, so really, there's no better time than now to hop on the super-duper sleepwear train. Here are five pair of Christmas morning pajamas I'm considering:


christmas pajamas
J.C. Penney Snowflake PJ's, $17
Blue looks good on me, and probably on you, too. These look comfy, cozy, and great for all winter long.

christmas pajamas
Target Skiing Monkey PJs, $27
Flannel with skiing monkeys on it? I wish I could wear these to work.

christmas pajamas
Macy's Ralph Lauren PJs, $42
Sophisticated yet comfortable, I like that these wouldn't make me look 6 years old.

christmas pajamas
Victoria's Secret Dreamer PJs, $30
I think this pair is my favorite of the bunch. I love the colors, the pattern, and I'm pretty sure I'll prefer their fit. I will look so good taking down dozens of sticky buns wearing these.

christmas pajamas
Kohl's Fleece PJs, $24
I bet these are crazy warm and great for those cold mornings and nights when you just can't seem to heat up. Love the fairisle print -- an effortless classic.

I think I'm leaning toward the VS ones, but still not sure. Guess I have to hurry up and choose because holy speeding calender, Batman: It's December 20.

What do you wear Christmas morning? Do you have a PJ recommendation?


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