Kardashian Christmas Card Shows Kourtney Has More Style Than Kim


kardashian christmas card

Awkward family photos are a thing of beauty, especially around the holidays. Don't you just love seeing your second cousin's family dressed up in matching sweaters? The Kardashians decided to once again get in on the Christmas card game this year and published a greeting that depicted the whole clan dressed alike. The entire gang's there -- Bruce, mom Kris, Rob, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Lamar, Kim, Kourtney, Scott, and scene-stealer Mason. Everyone looks relatively stoic -- no one's smiling. There's no holiday cheer. Just a lot of gray-green menswear and sequins.

But I guess the Kardashians wouldn't say this has necessarily been a happy year for them. Not in the last few months, anyway. Kim's divorce cast an unfortunate cloud over the family and maybe they didn't want to fake the smiles and merriment for the sake of the card. Maybe this chilly pic reflects their temporary unhappiness. Then again, Kourtney's pregnant, so there's definitely something to smile about. That and all their money would be enough to cheer them up, you'd think.

But the Kardashians are allowed to do whatever they want with their card, so if they think it's terrific, that's all that matters. From a style perspective, however, it would seem that eldest daughter Kourtney is leading the pack. She's been rocking the menswear look for years now -- bow ties, tuxedo jackets, and lapels have been her thing -- so maybe this picture is an indication that Kourt's style has influenced the whole family. Looks like she knows more about fashion than glamour-puss Kim, if I do say so myself. Kourtney has fantastic style, enviable style, and it's about time she's recognized for it.

Kourtney even blogged about it, saying, "There’s nothing I love more than getting everyone together for the Christmas card shoot! I love everyone’s matching bow ties!"

So do I, Kourt, so do I. But frankly, there's nothing I love more than seeing Mason in suspenders with his hand in his pocket, so win win.

Do you like the Kardashian Christmas card?


Image via Nick Saglimbeni (© 2011), using his patented Saglimbeni3D camera system

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Stacey. Stacey.

All I see when I look at this photos is 3 giant nipples, a bunch of unhappy people, and a 2 year old w/ a mullett. Also, why are Bruce's other children not pictured ever? Bruce's other family FTW.

dreab... dreabug23

Please give me a f$#ing break! These people are so out of touch with the real world, but you people continue to eat their bullsh%t with a fork and a smile.

Ang9403 Ang9403

This card is horrible

Texas... TexasGirl512

What the hell is going on with Kourtney's butt? surprise mini

Did they suck out fat from her sister's to pad it?

vamom08 vamom08

This card is fake because nobody in the family likes scott so why is he in the photo it dont even look like a Christmas, photo it look like a magazine shoot.

AyaTa... AyaTachihara

I have honestly always liked Kourtney more than Kim. Kim seems like the annoying spoiled princess in the family that everyone coddles while rolling their eyes behind her back and wishing she would grow up already. I don't understand the fascination with her when her sisters are actually much more interesting. But why isn't anyone smiling?? It's christmas! Can't they just put on hideous sweaters and get in front of the tree with the family dog wearing a santa hat like everyone else? I think i'd like them better that way. But even so, I applaud them for getting a two year old to stay still long enough to take such a posed picture.

jands... jandshyne

I saw a gallery of their cards through the years.  They used to be really sweet.  Now they are awful.  Also?  the older Jenner kids actually had space in the cards at one point and not now?  It just shows how dysfunctional and ridiculous they all are.  I feel sorry for the next generation coming in.  I don't watch any of their shows and I don't follow much of their news, but of course I grocery shop so I know most of the big things that go on with them and of course I read here.  Mostly I just don't particularly care much about them, but I will totally say Kim and the two youngest sisters are just naturally prettier than the other two older sisters.  All of those girls have to work really hard to keep their figures I bet.  Judging by the size of the girls' butts throughout the years, it's not easy to keep their figures naturally.

nonmember avatar meg

This is a really ugly picture. Interesting that Kris is the only one wearing something other than black & white, but she still looks ridiculous & knock-kneed. It looks like everybody hates everybody else in the picture.

This is just another example proving that having lots of money doesn't mean you have class.

nonmember avatar liz

That is supposed to be a Christmas card??? Give me a break!

carole76 carole76


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