Kate Moss Shouldn’t Be Slammed for Copying Another Designer

kate mossKate Moss has been my queen for as long as I can remember. I know, I know, she's not exactly a "text book ideal role model," but in my text book, the woman can do no wrong. She's just so cool and original. So, I'm having a bit of a dilemma looking at the campaign photos for her new jewelry line, Fred. They look -- ugh, I hate to say it -- exactly like the photos she took for high-end jewelry company David Yurman.

Say it isn't so, Kate. You would never copy anyone, would you? Even if it was ... yourself?


The photos speak for themselves. And the David Yurman company is pissed. A spokesperson for the line recently told Page Six, "The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago. When you are a leader in your category, you get used to people copying you. We are confident consumers know the difference.” Me-ow.

Here's the one saving grace for my girl and her originality, though: I highly doubt Kate is the one who conceptualized the photographs for her Fred jewelry line campaign. Models don't do that sort of stuff. I'm sure it was the photographer and creative director, so, really, you can't fault Kate. Not totally, at least. I mean, I'm sure she recalled shooting the David Yurman ads, so, technically, she could have spoken up, but whatever. Bottom line is, it's not her fault. Not really.

The main difference between the campaign shots are that the Fred ones are in color, and the Yurman ones are in black and white. And, of course, the jewelry is totally different. And that's really what's most important, right?

That, and saving Kate's name. Long reign the queen of originality and cool.

Do you think Kate "stole" the ideas from David Yurman?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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