Katie Holmes Relies on This Trick to Look Her Best

katie holmes and victoria beckhamKatie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are two of the most stylish women out there today, and Katie's interview with Elle sort of explains why. She told the magazine that she calls up Victoria before an event to see what she's wearing, and to see what she's liking for the season. In the same way that we might call our friends for fashion advice before a big night out, these two celebrities count on each other for tips. They're just like us! Only on a way bigger stage with way bigger implications.

I mean, if I look fugly at a work event, no one's trashing me in the tabloids the next day. But if Victoria leads Katie astray, she could be skewered by the press for weeks. No pressure or anything.


So far, Mrs. Beckham has counseled Katie really well. Seeing as Victoria has her own fashion line and recently took home the top prize for Designer Brand of the year at the British Fashion Awards, it's no surprise that her style advice is sought out and revered by a big star like Katie.

It also just makes me giddy to picture Katie Holmes, staring into her gigantic walk-in closet, holding her cordless phone to her ear, and lamenting to Victoria that she has, like, nothing to wear. Ms. Holmes has told Elle that she calls up her famous friend when getting ready for an event to make sure that they're not planning on wearing the same thing. That could be a little awkward.

Over the weekend, Katie celebrated her 33rd birthday and went out to dinner with Tom, Suri, and her parents wearing a blue jumpsuit with white lace sleeves. It's pretty fab, even though I think it's unzipped in the back (whoops!) and I wonder if Victoria had anything to do with this look. It's glamorous, a bit risky, and oh-so chic ... sounds like that has Mrs. Beckham's name written all over it.

Do you call up a friend for fashion advice?


Photo via Francois Durand/Getty

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