A Tattoo Would Make a Most Excellent Christmas Gift


tattoo on footA friend of mine recently asked what to get his girlfriend who has everything for Christmas. We threw out suggestions. Pajamas. Lingerie. A trip to the spa. Jewelry. Nothing was clicking for him. Then I thought about it, and what his girlfriend really likes. What about a tattoo? I asked him. That was it. The perfect gift for a gal who loves tattoos.

Of course this gift would be perfect for a guy who has been wanting to visit a tattoo shop but just didn't scrape enough money together. And we all know how pricey tattoos can be, so instead of buying that sweater that might get returned or lingerie that will be worn once, why not get something really memorable.

I have some ideas on how to present this gift and how to make it even more special ....

Obviously you can't wrap a tattoo. (Though how cool would it be to have a tattoo artist pop out of a box ready to give you a tattoo?!) Since that won't happen, instead find an image online of a kind of tattoo you know the recipient will love. Print it out, write something sweet on it like, "This voucher is good for your next tattoo so you can remember this gift forever", put it in a box, and gift wrap it.

Then have fun talking about the kind of tattoo your partner wants, where he or she will get it, and then make the appointment! On that day, you watch the kids/walk the dogs/whatever needs to be done so your partner has a clear calendar to spend a few hours at the shop. Or you can get a sitter and tag along, take some pictures, and go out to dinner after.

Maybe, just maybe the gift is matching tattoos and so you'll both get inked that day.

My husband and I got matching tattoos when we got engaged -- two stars on our wrists. He also bought me a tattoo on my birthday and it's one of my favorite gifts ever.

All this talk makes me want more tattoos. I wonder if my husband still needs to buy a gift for me. After finding this photo of this girl's foot tattoo, it makes me want one there, too. So pretty!

Would you ever give a tattoo gift? If you were to get one as a gift, what would you get?


Image via mytat_2s/Flickr

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nonmember avatar mdw

A tattoo would make a GREAT gift! My ex husband & I also got matching stars on our wrists. stupid stupid mistake seeing as how hes now my EX husband :/

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Be very sure that your recipient will appreciate it before giving a gift like that. Some spouses would be offended by a gift meant to change their appearance.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I'm mobile, and the pic above looked like verecose veins. Now that I'm looking at a big version, it looks lile witch bones dripping blood.

I've never in my life seen a tattoo that I think actually looks good.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I WISH Hubby would tell me to go get a tattoo. :)
The one in the picture is pretty!

winte... winterbaby10

Some tattoo places have gift certificates. I've gone and gotten tattoo gift certificates for a couple of people before and they loved it.

Lulu_B Lulu_B

That's exactly what my husband is doing for me this year! I've been saving for a tattoo for a while now, and he's giving me some more money, and helping me design/find the right artist for it. I think it's awesome, and I'm so happy that he's doing this for me!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I would absolutely love a gift tatoo. Weather it be a deposit or a gift certificate or a date. It would be awesome, something I wouldn't normally do for myself and I've been wanting a new tatoo for awhile now. Perfect :) . Given to the right person for the right reasons its a fabulous idea.

lulab... lulabellalula

Fabulous idea! I think I will request this for future gift ideas ;) my hubby & I are both big fans of tattoos...i have 5 and he has a sleeve. I would LOVe a sleeve!

kebrowni kebrowni

My husband and I have appointments for tomorrow to get some tattoos as a Christmas/anniversary present to each other (we're both getting our son's birthdate). I think gifting tattoos is an awesome idea.

tracy... tracylynnr67

Because tattoos are so personal to me and something I have to get hit with on my own I wouldn't like the pressure of a gift certificate or an appointment made for me to get a new tattoo. That's just me though. I have come up with my own designs and usually they hit me in dreams. It is a good idea for those who already hve an idea in their head though or for a couple who has been talking about getting matching tattoos.

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