Charlize Theron Disses Grown Women Who Wear Hello Kitty

Charlize TheronAre you a 30-something woman who still wears Hello Kitty clothing or accessories?

Well, Charlize Theron thinks you have a problem. The Oscar-winning actress revealed in a New York TimesTalk panel that she had the costume director buy Hello Kitty shirts for the "messed up" (her words) character she plays in the new movie, Young Adult.

Is Charlize right, or does she need to back off of grown women in Hello Kitty garb?


According to Us Weekly, Theron had this to say:

I'm pretty amazed by Hello Kitty. I see so many women in their 30s walking around in Hello Kitty sh-t and nobody is concerned for them. It's the one iconic teenage symbol that seems okay for women in their 30s? The world seems to not have an issue with it.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of adults in Hello Kitty gear, either. I think it's a little weird on a grown-up. But I know many of you totally disagree with me and that's why I thought I'd throw Charlize's comments out there for discussion.

Besides, I really have no room to comment on "weird" -- I just wrapped up taping a series called "I'll Take That Dare" for CafeMom and I wore things out in public that most of you probably wouldn't be caught dead in! A Hello Kitty shirt would be the least of my worries!

Along these lines, I recently threw a vintage-looking Elmo tee away that I thought was quirky and cool in my 20s, because I decided that 36 was just too old for an Elmo t-shirt.

All of this brings up a couple of good questions --

How old is too old for "childish" t-shirts and accessories? Is Charlize right or wrong to criticize 30-something women in Hello Kitty?

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