Finally! Pajama Jeans for MEN!

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LakesideThank God there's no ceiling on tacky -- otherwise, we might never have the opportunity to buy a pair of 'pajama jeans' for the fashionably clueless men in our lives!

And in my opinion, with their "rips" and creative shading, these are even better than the real thing!

Even better, they're only $12.95 at!


But if you think these are laughable, wait until you see the other version for men that's available.

You won't BELIEVE this pair ...

Ladies, check THESE out:

LakesideNo, those are not separate boxers peeping out from beneath this man's pajama jeans -- THEY ARE PART OF HIS PAJAMA JEANS! It's an optical illusion!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

(Razor and oil for your man's chest not included.)

I'm tempted to get these pants for my husband as a joke, but I won't because I know he'd totally wear them -- out in public and everything! Hubs's theory is that if it doesn't have x-rated holes in it, it should be worn until it can't be worn anymore, no matter how tacky it is.


At any rate, these truly tacky "knit jeans" are so popular that Lakeside has sold out of both versions -- but keep your eye on the site, because my guess is that they'll be back soon.

Feeling a little jealous? Not to worry ...


LakesideThere's a $12.95 pair of "women's boyfriend jean lounge pants" for you, too!

Would you let your man wear pajama jeans?


Images via The Lakeside Collection

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Celia... Celiacelia

Oh wow those are not cute :(

frank... frankiesma530

those are hideously hilarious lol my husband would not be pleased if I bought him these lol     Dammit, now I have to.  The 2nd ones are a great gag gift.

cooki... cookinmommyof1

They look so comfortable! My fiance would wear them, but they would be under regular pants to work.

kebrowni kebrowni

Yep! But he'd only wear them in the house, not actually in public. As the above poster said, they're a great gag gift. Too bad they're sold out!

cherr... cherryohcherry

Whyyyyy? Why would anyone buy them?!!

elasmimi elasmimi

They look as good as some of the things he wears around the house, lol.

Total... Totallysmitten

And I thought the women's pajama jeans were bad....

Wright98 Wright98

LMAO!! Does the model come with them? Seriously though, I think they are kinda funny and cute. 


I will take some if the guy comes with them. lol

heave... heavenlybliss19

my husband and I both love odd and outrageous pj pants designs - so we would both totally rock those (not the female version - i saw a better lookin pair at Walmart.)  IMO, if women can get away with wearing leggings out of the house, why shouldn't men be allowed to wear pajama jeans?  if their body is covered, i say go for it.

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