Madonna's 'Toot Suit' Ruins Her Anderson Cooper Interview (VIDEO)

Madonna Anderson CooperYay for singer and now director extraordinaire Madonna and her Golden Globe nominations! What a score! And I mean that literally, as the score for her upcoming movie W.E. (opens February 3) was nominated for Best Original Score (Abel Korzeniowski) and also for Best Original Song (Madonna's own ballad "Masterpiece," which she co-wrote with Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry). In any case, it was great to see Madge looking lovely as ever on Anderson Cooper, talking about the recent nominations.

However, what on earth is all that noise!?? Um, Madonna, is that you?


WATCH the clip (and listen to Madonna's outfit):

I don't know if that's leather or pleather or what, but man, is it noisy? After all these years, you'd think Madge's high-paid stylists would know better than to send her into an interview in such an embarrassingly squeaky getup.

Blame the fact that I'm a boy mom or that Whoopi Goldberg just let loose a rumble from down under on TV this morning! Call me immature and childish, go ahead. However, you have to admit that the squeak suit is sooooo distracting. So distracting, in fact, that the Material Girl herself seems distracted by it.

Top that off with Anderson saying (surely, with no pun intended), "to work on something for years and years and years and suddenly release it out, it's gotta be nerve-wracking!" And then Madonna follows with, "I really feel the pressure, and the expectations are pretty high."

I'm sorry, but this whole thing is begging for a gigglefit, no matter how old you are.

Were you distracted by Madonna's noisy suit?


Image via YouTube

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