Spanx Sends Our Troops an Odd But 'Supportive' Gift

militaryThere are some servicemen standing a little taller and feeling a little slimmer today after receiving a holiday gift from Spanx. Oh yes, Spanx. The company that's been helping us squeeze into dresses and has made wearing tights a gosh darn pleasure has sent the military 10,000 "cotton compression undershirts." The tee, which retails for $58, is designed to firm up a man's chest, flatten his stomach, and just pretty much suck in whatever's a bit wobbly.

It's an odd gift for military men, no?


But I suppose "supporting" the troops in any and every way is never a bad thing. If Spanx wants to show their gratitude with some expensive sucky-inny undershirts, more power to them. I hope no one takes the gift the wrong way, though. I mean, I don't know how thrilled I'd be if someone gave me Spanx for Christmas (you calling me fat?!). Any gift with the words "battle the bulge" in the description is generally not something I'd wanna open in front of my loved ones, but I assume the confident servicemen won't react to this gesture from Spanx like an insecure lame-o such as myself.

Hopefully the guys are psyched about the swag. And who knows, if these "compression undershirts" are really awesome, it could be a boon to our troops. Because if you look good, you feel good, right? And anything that puts our soldiers in a great mood is absolutely wonderful.

What do you think about Spanx's gift?


Photo via US Army Africa/Flickr

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