Kim Kardashian's Latest Purchase Shows She Has Too Much Money

kim kardashianPerhaps it was retail therapy, or perhaps it was because she loves spending money on "stuff." Kim Kardashian helped contribute to the $116 million profit that was made from the sale of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry, reportedly dropping $64,900 on three white gold and diamond bangle bracelets. Good for her. She should treat herself for once. But the thing about the bracelets is ... they're kind of heinous.

There just isn't anything special about them -- aside from the fact that they were Liz Taylor's. The white one is okay, but the other two look like they could have been purchased at a Claire's. A waste of 65 grand if you ask me. Then again, I feel that way about most "celebrity purchases."


Now, when I say "celebrity purchases," I'm not talking about "purchases made by celebrities." I mean, yeah, some of those are ridiculous, but you best believe if I had Gwyneth Paltrow's money, I'd be spending it on elixirs, massages, and weekend ashram retreats. I'm talking about the people -- celebs or not -- who spend money on celebrity items. No doubt there were some unbelievable pieces of jewelry at the Elizabeth Taylor sale, but, I think nine times out of 10, people are just buying these things so they can say it belonged to "so-and-so."

Did Kim really need to spend that much money on a set of bangle bracelets? First of all, I'm sure there was much nicer jewelry at the sale (I.E., way too expensive), and second of all, Kim could get a much nicer piece of jewelry for that price elsewhere. That's a lot of cash just to say "These were Liz Taylor's bracelets." I'm just not seeing the logic.

I guess when you've got money like Kimmy, though, you need to spend it on something new. It probably gets boring shopping at the same places over and over and over again. I can't imagine it's easy. I give her credit.

Do you think the bracelets were worth $64,900?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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