Sofia Vergara's Wardrobe Malfunction Proves Leggings Aren't Pants


sofia vergaraThere's a debate raging (raging, I say!) over whether or not leggings are pants. The two sides are staunchly for or against this fashion trend and no one is backing down anytime soon. But now that Modern Family star Sofia Vergara had a legging wardrobe malfunction yesterday, I think the pendulum is now swinging slightly more toward the "oh hell no, leggings are not pants!" category. Because you'd never be able to see someone's butt through real pants, right? But we saw all of Sofia's derriere yesterday.

Truly though, if we're ever going to glimpse some buttocks, it doesn't get much better than Sofia's. Good god it looks perfect. I can't help but wonder how much she was tortured in a past life to have been blessed with that ass in this one. It doesn't get much better than those two perfectly round buns. Kudos, Sofia, kudos.

Even though she looks down-right flawless, I don't think anyone necessarily wants to walk around with their badonkadonk in plain view. The art of wearing leggings as pants is a fine one that usually involves a low-hanging shirt or sweater and full-coverage boy-short underwear. Sofia failed here, and the leggings-are-not-pants camp is doing a little happy dance right now, eager to point out that tight spandex and cotton do not a pant make.

I'll let Sofia off the hook here. She's too hot and too funny -- I just can't stay mad at her. Maybe next time she'll consider some opaque pantaloons before going out in public. And maybe you will, too.

Do you think leggings are pants?


Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty

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nonmember avatar A

Why is it that the link doesn't explain the "malfunction" or where it happened, but instead takes you to a product on Amazon?

mlber... mlberry4172

I'm a member of the leggings are not pants crowd. It looks unfinished or something. That said , she is one of my favorite ladies on tv so she can wear whatever she wants!! I love women who are sexy and funny and real and she is def that!

hotic... hoticedcoffee

If my ass looked like her ass, I'd consider becoming a nudist. If there had to be a celebrity legging wardrobe malfunction, I'm glad it was her, so I don't need to gouge out my eyes.

 That said, leggings are not pants. 

nonmember avatar Christy

If I had an a$$ like that, I'd wear leggings as pants, too!

tinyp... tinypossum

Well, at least she has the ass for it. But, leggings/jeggings/tights are NOT pants no matter how nice your ass is.  

nonmember avatar Graciesmom

Who the heck wears boy short underwear with leggings. Please don't. Talk about panty lines! If u must have coverage opt for spanx and spare us all from witnessing ur underpants. If we see her tush we can see ur undies

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

Best wardrobe malfunction ever! Sofia is hot, and she's hilarious on modern family.

Obviously leggings can sometimes be worn as pants, if you have a good enough body. Just my opinion.

hutch... hutchfam2007

LEGGINGS. ARE. NOT. PANTS. THEY. ARE. LEGGINGS. ie--to be worn under DRESSES. sweater dresses, ok. long sweaters that look like dresses ok. CAN you imagine what her Camel Toe looks like in this!?!?!?! if you can see her ass, you can def. see the camel toe! cover yourself up ladies!

JCHsq... JCHsquared

She is beautiful, however leggins are NOT pants!!

nonmember avatar Ally

I wear leggings as pants all the time! They are so comfortable. you just have to buy the right kind (the THICK kinds!) Or wear the right kind of tunic that will cover the rear. Leggings are fun and sexy, but then again, i'm young and enjoying my healthy fit body. I guess if you were old ac/dc fat I could see how jealousy could make you hate leggings. I highly doubt nobody took part in a heavily criticized fashion trend, so shit your mouths and open your mind

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