Jennifer Aniston Spills the Beans on Her Beauty Regime

jennifer anistonHas anyone else wondered what Jennifer Aniston will look like when she's 60? She just looks so amazing now in her forties that I'm beginning to wonder if she'll ever age. Turns out, the former Friends star has started taking precautions to ensure that she keeps looking young and fresh for decades to come. She sat down with InStyle and talked about her beauty routine, what she has and hasn't done with injectables, all while sounding like your best friend who always has some killer advice.

She basically says that she keeps herself looking so fly by using these 5 tricks:

  • Use 60 SPF at the beach, get a spray-tan if you want a little glow, and get your sun spots zapped by a dermatologist.
  • Use injectables like Botox sparingly. Jen warns that it's a "slippery-slope" once you start it. She admits to trying it, but for now, she's staying away from the stuff.
  • Get your eyelashes tinted every three weeks. Reportedly, Jen "hates mascara."
  • Keep your hair looking trim -- she admits to having a weird tic about cutting off her split ends.
  • Quit smoking and don't worry about putting on a few pounds while you kick the habit. Jen explains that she didn't care that people thought she was pregnant when she gained a few -- she was ultimately doing something healthy.

OK. So these tips aren't exactly ground-breaking, but I appreciate her honesty. Not too many stars in Hollywood have talked about Botox, let alone what they've had done, so it's cool that she's so chill about it. I also appreciate that she's not that into it -- whatever she's done or not done is working for her, and that's the most important thing. Find what works for you.

And the eyelash tinting is an interesting choice. I've done it a few times and haven't been overwhelmingly pleased -- I think mascara does a far better job. But I'm sure Jen is having an expert tint hers and not some teenager in Chinatown. Regardless, I like what Ms. Aniston is barking here. Solid advice, even if we've heard some of these tips before.

What's your beauty secret?


Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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