Candy Cane Manicure Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit (PHOTOS)


Candy Cane ManicureHoliday time is the perfect time to be adventurous with your beauty routine. Last week, I tried something different with a festive snowflake manicure. After the deep blue polish chipped and I enjoyed a week full of fun questions like was that hard to do?? and where did you get that done!? -- I decided it was about time for round two. This week? It's all about sweet treats with a sparkly candy cane manicure.

With my red, white, and silver nail polishes, I was ready to begin. Just like the snowflakes, I knew the detailing on this look was going to require a steady hand and some serious focus. Hey, the challenge is half of the fun, right?

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to re-create this fun look on your own:

First things first, you'll need to gather together the necessary tools. I chose to use a bright red from Essie called Aperitif ($3.50, for my base coat, a white striping polish from Art Club ($2.89, for the lines, and a silver glittery striper from Mattese Elite ($5.99, to add some pizazz.

Candy Cane Manicure

Next up, the base coat. Apply two coats of the bright red to your nails.

Candy Cane Manicure

Now it's time to get to striping. Make sure you allow the base manicure ample time to dry before drawing on your candy cane lines. If you don't, you'll have pink stripes instead of white. Sure, that could be a fun twist for some, but I'm more of a classic-looking candy cane gal myself.

Candy Cane Manicure

Slowly drag the thin brush across your nail, creating two thin white strips on each one. Allow those stripes time to dry, and then apply the silver glitter.

Candy Cane Manicure

When the glitter stripe has completely dried, apply a top coat to seal the deal. I used my go-to, Seche Vite Fast Dry ($3.30,

Candy Cane Manicure

And that's how it's done! Go ahead, try it, and let me know how it goes!

Are you a fan of the candy cane manicure?


Images via Emily Abbate and Lindsay Mannering

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PonyC... PonyChaser

Adorable. But if I tried it, I'd end up looking like my cat was my manicurist.

angel... angeldessee

I'm still rocking the snowflakes but this one looks much easier. I did blue and sliver snowflakes instead of white but they are cute!!! I might do my toes candy cane though....

nonmember avatar kari

real cute....if your 12! i think it's a bit tacky for a grown woman, but that's just me!

carole76 carole76

love it!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

really nice

Angel... AngelaG2006

I did my toenails with the white crackle polish this year! I painted every other toenail with red, the others green. Once dried I added the white crackle top coat and it looks like green and red candy canes! I love it for the holidays...and I am 24 yrs old :) There is nothing wrong with getting into the holiday spirit and taking yourself back to when you were a kid and doing little things that make you happy..even if it is painting your nails like candy canes!! :D


santa blue

Spiri... SpiritedWitch

@kari ... fun and funky has no age limit. especially holiday fun and funky! 

Cute but I think I will leave the silver glitter step out. I think it looks better without it. =)

2mons... 2monstersmommy

I know I could do my left hand! It's the right one that has me worried! LOL

luvs_... luvs_prims06

I like it! But I will try it as a pedicure lol

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