The Best & Worst Dressed 'Real Housewives' of 2011


real housewivesSome of the Housewives are closer to me than family and the holidays are making me nostalgic of the year we've spent together. There were ups and downs, deaths and births, money problems and money gains, and most importantly, there were some great outfits and there were some terrible outfits.

As we near the end of 2011, I think it's appropriate to look back on this fine year and determine who was best dressed and worst dressed. It was tough to decide a winner and a loser -- each category had many contenders -- but I'm pretty pleased with the ultimate selections.

Drum roll please ...

The Best Dressed Housewife of 2011 is ... Lisa Vanderpump. Decked in diamonds with coiffed hair and high heels, Lisa's the epitome of feminine elegance. She's always got on some jewel-toned dress, enough bling for 10 people, and glamorous, enviable shoes. One of the reasons I think Lisa deserves this "award" is because she never looks bad.

lisa vanderpumo

There are some other Housewives that have great style, but they miss the mark sometimes (Kyle's kaftans need to go and Kelly's perma-tan is a little much sometimes). Lisa always, always looks polished and put together. Plus, she gets bonus points for her main accessory, Jiggy. That little nugget is a scene stealer!

The worst dressed category was a little tougher -- there were so many to consider. Basically you have the whole cast of New Jersey in the running, know what I'm sayin'? Yeesh. They wear enough velor and leopard print to clothe an entire nation of guidos and guidettes. That said, I think there's someone a little worse. Someone who consistently looks absolutely, 100 percent ridiculous.

The Worst Dressed Housewife of 2011 is ... Kim Zolciak. Pains me to say it because I think she's super fun to watch on RHOA, but she looks so cheap so often. Boobs up to her chin, those awful blonde wigs, those skirts that would be too small for an 8-year-old -- it's all so terribly trashy. Love you, Kim! But yeah, your style is a little too Toddlers and Tiaras for me.

kim zolciak

Who do you think are the best and worst dressed Housewives of 2011?


Photos via; Christopher Polk/Getty; Splash News

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marti... martiniqueenie

Lisa Best dressed, Kyle worse than Kim.

pegatil pegatil

I agree that Kim is just the worst!! Her wigs are so tacky and her clothes should be burned.  She needs a stylist who can help her dress because she clearly has no sense of style.

nonmember avatar Eatitout

All the ones from new york look like crap. In atlanta it doesn't matter how you look but I expected much more from new York "high society" you bitches look like shit! Get it together!

Barbara Schuima

Teresa's dresses are tacky and Kim either one next.


Michelle Ransom Atkinson

HANDS DOWN! Worse dressed is Leah from Miami. I know Miami has not been totally accepted into the RH family, but she has every housewife beat and beyond!

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