Jennifer Lopez Is Nuts to Sell Jewelry That Marc Anthony Gave Her

jennifer lopez and marc anthonySomewhere in Miami, there is a white linen suit wet with Marc Anthony's tears, because Jennifer Lopez is allegedly selling all of the jewelry and designer duds he gifted to her. A "source" close to J.Lo told the Chicago Sun-Times that the pop star is currently in the process of "quietly" selling all of the fancy, expensive jewels her ex-husband bestowed upon her (unsurprisingly, supposedly, there's a lot), and she's also given away much of the name-brand clothing. The source added that this is how Lopez works, stating, “It was true when she split with Ben [Affleck], Diddy [Sean Combs], and obviously Ojani Noa."

A little much, if you ask me. It's not like the woman is hard up for cash. Why not save some of these sparkly, shiny items for her daughter?


I'm with Lopez on the protocol of getting rid of things that remind you of your exes, even if those things are gifts. I've done it, too. But the game changes a bit when we're talking about millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Can she really not wear any of these things anymore just because she and the person who gave them to her broke up? Is selling them -- publicly, no less (the ultimate F. U.) -- really necessary? I get returning an engagement ring -- to the owner (which, side bar, J.Lo did not do with the 6.1-carat pink diamond ring Ben Affleck gave her) -- but pawning all your lovely gifts from a marriage is just plain crass, if you ask me. Particularly when you have a daughter who can someday wear them, and a son who can someday use one of those giant rocks in an engagement ring. Come on, girl, think before you sell.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez is right to sell all the jewelry Marc Anthony gave her?


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