Miley Cyrus Bares Truth About Her Boobs, Y’all

miley cyrusHey everybody! Miley Cyrus has a message. She'd like you to know that her boobs are real. That's right. She won't tolerate no hootenanny nonsense about her tatas being fake. No sirree. Once she read the rumors after her, um, burgeoning appearance on the CNN Heroes red carpet last night that she'd had breast implants, Miley took to Twitter to quickly quell the, um, swelling accusations. Ms. Miley wants you to understand that her knockers are real, and they're spectacular.

And I quote:


"Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they'd realize you don't have to be fake to be beautiful!" And then she added: "I'M 19!!! BOOBS GROW PEOPLE!"

That's right, Miley. You tell 'em girl. I have zero clue if her bazooms are real or fake, and I couldn't care less either way, but I'm proud of her for not being all cagey about it. Some sites have gotten plastic surgeons to say that they can see the implants, that her boobs are totes fake, but Miley's standing up, shouting from the world's highest rooftop (aka Twitter) that her fun bags are the real deal. More power to her for facing the issue head on.

The most exciting part about Miley Boob Gate 2011 is the SNL skit that's sure to come out of this. Speculation about any famous 19-year-old's breasts is fantastic fodder for all sketch comedy groups and I have faith that the SNL crew won't let us down. Somewhere, Vanessa Bayer and Seth Meyers are blowing up balloons in preparation.

The only thing I'm dreading is if/when Billy Ray weighs in on Miley's cyruses. It was just weird when Joe Simpson dished about Jessica's double Ds, so yeah. Don't wanna go back down that road.

What do you think about Miley's "controversy"?


Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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