'Hunger Games' Nail Polish Will Disappoint True Fans

effie trinket and katniss everdeenSure, I'm a fan of Hollywood-inspired beauty products. Those Burlesque or Katy Perry OPI nail polishes were cool. And I'm all over anything Gaga does for Mac. But sometimes, these companies take it just a wee bit too far. Like Muppet nail polish. Those were fun, but borderline "really?" Same thing for mani-pedi hues inspired by The Hunger Games ... which are happening.

Yep, the China Glaze polishes inspired by The Hunger Games are BAAACK. The cosmetics company that owns China Glaze, All, had to can their plans for 'em, when they got into a legal battle with Lionsgate Films. But they must have kissed and made up, because the line is back on, set to launch on March 1, three weeks before the movie premieres. But the legal showdown must have led to revamped names, which are a total bummer.


Now, the 12 shades are called "The Colours of the Capital." You can see the names here:

china glaze hunger games nail polishes

Booooorrrring!!! What a far cry from the original names -- such as "Cinna-mon" and "Primrose," "Fire in Flight" and "Coal Hearted" -- which were quite a bit less vague and so much more exciting and reflective of actual elements of the plot! On the other hand, "Fast Track," "Hook and Line"? What do these even refer to?! "Dress Me Up" is the only one that seems like a clear nod to what goes on in the Capitol. The others are just "Capitol-esque" at best.

I know it might seem like a trivial point, because who really cares what their polish is named, right, as long as it's a pretty color. But I would have been so much more into buying the polishes if they had been able to keep the original names! It's just fun to tell your friend your toes are "Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire!" or you just got a mani in "Lincoln Park After Dark." Yeah, I know these gimmicky names are a marketing scheme, but color me hooked, line, and sinker.

Maybe it's just that I appreciate the creativity involved in naming 500 shades of ... RED. And creativity-wise, these "Colours of the Capital" are a snoozefest. But if it's the only way China Glaze could get their Hunger Games nail polish line out to the masses, guess we fans will just have to grin and go along with it.

What do you think about the nail polishes and their new names? Would you get a Hunger Games-inspired manicure?


Images via HungerGamesMovie.com/Lionsgate/China Glaze

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