A Holiday Hairstyle for Short Hair

Salon NFuseQuestion: Do you think Ellen, pictured above, will kill me for using this as her 'before' photo?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry, Ellen, but it's the only photo I had of your hair in its natural, pixie-esque state ... besides, y'all, this girl is so beautiful that she even looks good making this face!

The point is that you'd think that with hair this short, she's pretty limited when it comes to fixing her hair for the holidays, right?

Think again ...


This cut is pretty new for Ellen, and I absolutely love it. Had she told me she was getting a pixie cut when her hair was longer, I would have had misgivings, but now, it looks like she was MADE for this haircut.

But look what happens when you take a teasing brush (I'm getting this teasing brush for Christmas) and gently tease the top, smooth it over with the brush, and add a sparkly headband, as stylist Stephanie did for Ellen at Salon Nfuse in Nashville?

Salon NfuseOmg, she looks like a princess! Or a '60s debutante! I would have had NO idea that hair this short could have so much versatility.


Salon NFuseIf you have super-short hair, you have GOT to try this look during the holiday season. So festive! So retro! SO YOU.

What's your best holiday hair secret?


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