A Holiday Hairstyle for Medium-Length Hair

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Salon NfusePerhaps you think your in-between-length hair is too short for a classy updo.

Think again.

I'm going to show you how hair this length can be pulled up into a style that will make people think it's twice as long -- perfect for your next holiday shindig!

Salon Nfuse

Stephanie at Salon Nfuse started by loosely French braiding each side of our model's hair and securing them in place at the base of her neck with bobby pins, crinkly side down, in an 'x' formation to securely hold the hair in place.


Salon Nfuse

She left the ends sticking out, and used her fingers to back comb them a bit and make them look fuller.


Salon Nfuse

The result? A totally cool, messy chignon that took very little effort to achieve!


Salon Nfuse

For a dressier look, simply pin the ends under at the base of your neck. Always use that bobby pin 'x' trick I told you about -- you will be amazed at how well (and how long!) it will hold your hair securely in place.


Salon NfuseOur model ends with a totally new look! YAY.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how even the shortest pixie cut can be styled into a very uptown, dressy look for a holiday gathering!

In the meantime, though, what's your favorite holiday hairstyle?



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Angie... AngieDawn28

cute! this is about the length of my hair and i can never find anything neat to do with it, i'll be giving this a try. thanks!

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Wow - that's really cute!  My hair is quite short, so my 'do doesn't change much.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

I love the first one,so pretty.I will be trying that!

ceciliam ceciliam


I don't really like putting my hair up. For special occasions I may do some hot rollers....

elasmimi elasmimi

I'ts cute

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