A Holiday Hairstyle for Long Hair

Salon NfuseChances are, you've got a few holiday parties over the next few weeks, and you might be looking for a fun new look for your hair. Well, over the next three days, I'm going to show you hairstyles for three different lengths of hair: short, medium, and long.

Today, LONG!


Salon NfuseStephanie at Salon Nfuse in Nashville started by French braiding my hair on one side. Once the braid extended over my ear, she pushed the braid upward a bit to give it a little bit of a messy, worn-in look, then secured it in place temporarily with a bobby pin.


Salon Nfuse

On the other side of my face, Stephanie separated some hair into two parts and wound them around and around each other into a twist. She took both sides of my hair and secured everything in a low, loose ponytail just behind one ear.

Next, Stephanie began twisting pieces of my hair around the elastic and pinning them in place, leaving the ends free. To make hair stay in place, she puts the bobby pins in with the crinkly side down, and crosses them in the shape of an 'x.' NOTHING will come loose from those two pins!


Salon NfuseThe result? A cool, loose chignon that looks festive, but without too much effort. I like this look so much, I'll wear it even when it isn't the holidays!

Tomorrow, I'll show you a great updo idea for medium-length hair!

In the meantime, how are you doing your hair for the holidays?


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