10 Hilariously Ugly Christmas Sweaters (PHOTOS)


xmas photosHo ho ho, Merry Christmas! It's almost time to gather around a precariously propped evergreen in our pajamas. But before we get to all that excitement, there will surely be a holiday party or two where we can blow off some Christmas steam. And if you're lucky, said parties will mandate you wear an ugly Christmas sweater. I've never been to such a get-together, but I've always admired the theme. I've been dying to wear this Christmas sweatshirt I have that lights up, plays music, and just overall dominates, but alas, my invitations to all the ugly Christmas sweater parties must have gotten lost in the mail. Sad face. Guess we'll just have to look at other people's photos and pretend that we've been there, done that, even though we haven't, at all. So! Here are 10 hilarious holiday sweaters to get you in the spirit!

I think the girl's face in the middle says it all.  Props to the guy on the right -- an image of a little boy riding a polar bear trying to catch the moon is a rare sweater find.

ugly christmas sweaterThis guy gets a high-five for wearing this gem that clearly belonged to his much shorter mother.

ugly christmas sweaterI'd be stuffing my face with crackers and some jank cheese/guac dip too if I was wearing this sweater.

ugly christmas sweaterA 3-D tree? Perfect. This guy is really werking it, too.

ugly christmas sweaterAnother really great pose that brings out the best in this sweater vest. Dancing reindeer with gold stud beading, it's the bomb dot com.

ugly christmas sweaterIt's a whole crew of them! Great group shot. I really admire everyone's effort. Especially Short Shorts Santa McGees.

ugly christmas sweaterStocking? Check. Presents? Check. Candy cane, teddy bear, Christmas tree, and sad-eyed puppy? Check, check, check, and check!

ugly christmas sweaterThis guy looks like a jolly good time, and so do the dancing snowmen on his classic sweater.

ugly christmas sweaterThis guy went the extra mile and matched his eyes to this ice blue sweater. Well done!


xmas sweater

You can't see it too well, but this sweater (seen here previously) actually has tiny bells on it that jingle. Awesome!

Have you ever been to an ugly Christmas sweater party? Jealous! Tell us about what you wore.


Photos via dpstyles/Flickr; ClownBog/Flickr; jnissa/Flickr; pichado photography/Flickr; tsuacctnt/Flickr; pichado photography/Flickr; TheChanel/Flickr; ursonate/Flickr; thebigo/Flickr Michele Zipp



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MissC... MissCatalina

The guy with the 3D tree is kinda cute!

kelti... kelticmom

I want to go to one of these parties! The closest I can get is the ugly Christmas scrub tops at work. Lol

Polem... Polemomma2010

I love it.  I can't wait for this time of year to see what people decide to wear.  Don't listen, be yourself! :)

Lilit... Lilith825

I am going to throw an ugly sweater party next year. Looks like so much fun!

kschlag kschlag

If you are a teacher, you are required to own at least five of these for every holiday!

hutch... hutchfam2007

I have seen lots of these around my workplace.. only they actually like the sweaters :S

peanu... peanuts2804

I just went to one a little over a week ago and then I'm going to one tomorrow.I'm pregnant so I made my own I bought a plain sweater and got puff paint and wrote on it this is my fugly sweater and then glued a bunch of blue snowflakes on it and then the dog perfected it she accidentally hit it with her tail while trotting by.Its perfect.lol



nonmember avatar Tonya

Haha, kschlag! So true! I used to teach and I have an awesome collection of these type shirts! I'd love to go to an ugly sweater party because I would certainly shine! As a matter of fact, that snowman sweater? I have one! Lol! I also have a puff paint snow shirt that reads, "Let it snow!" :)

Awodash Awodash

my mom frequents these sweaters this time of year! and doesn't understand why everyone calls them "ugly christmas sweater" good thing we had a big ugly sweater party up at school and she was willing to send a bunch because that means she isn't at home wearing them around town!

hzley... hzleys100

im going to one saturday! cannot wait!

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