Demi Lovato Wears Animal-Print Tights: Love 'Em or Loathe 'Em?

Demi LovatoThe phoenix-like pop star Demi Lovato turned plenty of heads as she strolled through Miami recently in a pair of animal-print tights.

The most daring trendsetters this season are all wearing tights that feature whimsical patterns, and these are certainly no exception.

But opinions seem mixed on this particular look, and I'd love to know where you stand on this very important matter.

Animal print tights:

Would you wear them?

If the answer is yes, the news for you is very, very good.

You can get a pair to call your very own at a decidedly non-pop-star price.

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New York & CompanyThese leopard print tights (New York & Company, $16.95) are probably closest to Demi's version, and they're not a bad price for the look.


NordstromWant to go all-out? These Spanx tights (Nordstrom, $42) are pricey, but highly-rated by customers.


Charlotte RusseBut the best-for-your-budget award has to go to this animal print two-pack of tights (Charlotte Russe, $10.50), which includes leopard AND zebra print tights. You wild thing, you!

Would you wear this look?


Images (top to bottom): Splash News, New York & Company, Nordstrom, Charlotte Russe

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