The Beauty Secret That Makes Jennifer Aniston So ‘Sexy’


jennifer anistonIn the ultimate "neener-neener-neener" to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston was just crowned the "Hottest Woman of All Time" by Men's Health magazine. Yes, cute, girl-next-door Aniston beat out the hundreds of uber-sexy, uber-voluptuous women who, quite frankly, in my opinion at least, ooze more "sex" that the petite, down-to-earth-blonde. Men love Aniston, though. Clearly.

Hey, wanna know why?

Because she's funny. According to the magazine, "Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny -- she was invited to join Saturday Night Live before her big break with Friends." I respect that.

Jen's "funny," laid-back attitude totally translates into her style, too. Do you ever see Aniston wearing over-the-top, avant garde frocks a la Lady Gaga? Or do you ever see her spilling out of her top a la Kim Kardashian? Nope. Everything Aniston wears -- whether it's on the red carpet or on the streets of NYC -- looks comfortable. And looking comfortable in what you're in -- and like your clothes aren't wearing you -- gives you confidence. And, of course, nothing is sexier than confidence.

Then there's her beauty routine. I don't know exactly what Jen puts on her skin or in her hair (Lord, would I love to), but it doesn't seem like it takes that much effort. (Of course, this "look" could be totally calculated and cost a million dollars, but that's besides the point.) Jen's hair is always down, loose, and healthy-looking on the red-carpet, and when she's out and about, it's usually pulled back with a clip. The color, which has more or less been the same for years, looks like it's just naturally highlighted from lazy days whiling away at the beach. And her makeup is never heavy. Typically, just a few slicks of some lip gloss, a swipe of mascara, and of course, that signature golden tan.

So, in addition to her sense of humor, I think the actress can thank good genes and her totally laid-back, no-fuss appearance for the award. Men don't like high-maintenance women. And if you judge Jen strictly on looks, she totally doesn't look high-maintenance.

Do you think Jen deserved this award?


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cocob... cocobeannns

I think she can be pretty from some angles, but I don't think she's "hot". So, no I guess I don't think she deserved it. I can name several other famous women far more deserving.

Stacey. Stacey.

She looks GOOD FOR HER AGE. But sexiest of all time? HELL TO THE NO.

zandh... zandhmom2

I personally don't consider her "hot" or "sexy".

Melis... Melissa042807

It says a lot about what men like in a woman. Funny, laid-back, low maintenance...explains why I always got hit on way more in jeans and a white tank top than I ever did when I was dressed to the nines. Interesting. I've never found Jennifer Aniston particularly attractive but maybe - MAYBE - more men than we think see beauty as more than skin deep. 

nonmember avatar Lexasmom

Most men that I know have said they can't believe she received that kind of recognition. She's average looking. Its nice that she's funny and can make comfortable attire look good but really? Hottest Woman of All Time? Hmmmm... who voted? And why do ppl always mention A. Jolie alongside Anniston? Brad and Jen have BEEN over... Why isn't the media getting that clue? He and Angie have built a family together. Let's move on!

PonyC... PonyChaser

Ok, first, we have to consider the source. This is Men's Health Magazine, not a near-skin mag like Maxim, or even a full-skin mag like Playboy. So it's not surprising that health-nut Aniston is up top.

Consider the list... Marilyn Monroe, Ursula Andress (the "Ultimate Bond Girl", according to my husband AND his father), and Jane Fonda all made the cut. This tells me that they surveyed a lot of different ages and backgrounds. Thinking men, not all knuckle-dragging neanderthals,

And yeah, I think she deserved it. She has the whole package - curves, hair, pretty eyes, and intelligence, to go along with the "girl next door" attitude.  If this has to be an Aniston/Jolie contest - Jolie is what, 50 pounds? She doesn't look healthy half the time. She comes across as arrogant. My husband says that Jolie is the girl you sleep with, and Aniston is the girl you marry.

nonmember avatar notme

Anyway, she seems happy now.

mama2... mama2allblue

Why wouldn't she deserve it? I'm not a huge fan of ANY "celebrity" but this one seems to carry herself well and she is quite pretty. I am glad they didn't choose a "cookie cutter" bimbo as the "winner".

nonmember avatar Lisa

I think it makes sense. Jennifer is what we used to call the "girl next door" type. Open, friendly, happy and fun. She seems to be healthy and relaxed. She's more cute than beautiful. But most men don't want to hassle with some high maintenance control freak who expected people to bow and scrape around her frozen demeanor. Angelina is more like a statue of beauty, whereas Jennifer is a real woman, flaws and all. She seems kinder, happier and more loving. Much more appealing.

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