Heidi Klum's Favorite Style Tip Shows She's Just Like You & Me

Heidi KlumIf you were to tell me that Heidi Klum and I have something in common, I'd laugh uncontrollably. Come on! The 38-year-old supermodel/television host/5' 9'' super momma and I are SO not in the same demographic, at ALL.

So -- I was dumbfounded by what she told Anderson Cooper on his daytime talk show Anderson today. Turns out we're much more alike than I thought, and in the least likely way.

I'll give you a hint: It has to do with our shopping habits and our love for a certain store by the name of J.Crew.


Heidi Klum is a closet bargainista! I know, I wouldn't have thought so either. If I raked in the kind of dough that she did, I'd probably be snagging up some serious designer swag instead of shopping around my local mall. She spoke to Anderson about her bargain buys:

Sometimes it’s really cool to have an amazing piece where someone is like, "Wow, where is that sweater from? It’s amazing. Is it from snazzy Balenciaga or something?" And you’re like, "No, it’s actually from J.Crew."

J.Crew?! Heidi, I can't hardly believe it. This is just about as awesome as the time that I found out that Michelle Obama wears H&M and has a huge love for Target. I love discovering where all the A-listers shop! Now, I have a whole new appreciation for Heidi knowing that she's into a good deal just like me

It's clear that Heidi also understands that there's a time and place to splurge on certain pieces. You know, the essentials. A really great blazer or an awesome-fitting pair of jeans are worth the extra cash because of how often you'll wear them.

You could always justify a big purchase by thinking of it this way: If a blazer costs you $200 and you wear it once a week for a year, then your price per wear is under $4 each time. Expensive items also have a longer shelf life, meaning they'll be in your closet in good condition for a lot longer than a similar-looking snag from, say, Forever 21 for $12.99.

However, like Klum said, there is a huge thrill in finding a good deal. Just make sure to keep your high-saving spending under control, and then there's no shame in being proud of your great buys.

Are you a bargain shopper?


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