Pippa Middleton's Cold Weather Look Is Really Hot


pippa middletonThe other morning while I was making my way to the subway station, I passed a mom, who, if she didn't have a child in tow, looked a lot like me. We both were wearing thick, army green coats and Hunter boots, and had oversized bags weighing our shoulders down. However, I looked disheveled as hell in the freezing, rainy weather, and she looked oddly stylish. I couldn't put my finger on what, despite our twinsies outfits, made her look like a J.Crew ad and me look like I just crawled out of a dumpster. Then, upon further inappropriate staring, I caught it. She was wearing a fur scarf.

A fur scarf! If you haven't yet gotten on board, I highly advise you to, as I have a strong feeling they're about to be all the rage. Mark my words: They'll be this winter's trapper hat. Check out Pippa Middleton on her way to work the other morning. The deep brown fur scarf adds a whole new level of sophistication to the already sophisticated lady's look.

Now, where to buy these cozy, stylish things?

After trolling around the Internet for a little while, I found a few worth checking out. Hurry up and look -- it's not too late to add it to your Christmas or Hanukkah list.


fur scarf

Karl Lagerfeld Faux Fur Pocket Scarf, Macy's, $49.99. This one may be a little intense for those just venturing timidly into the fur scarf world, but for those a little more bold, it's fantastic. And the pocket makes it delightfully different.

fur scarf

Faux Fur Neck Warmer Wrap Scarf, Amazon, $24.95. I really like this one. This is actually quite similar to the one Cool Mom was wearing the other day. At under $25, I may have to purchase.

fur scarf

Fur and Knit Loop Scarf, Juicy Couture, $88. One of our stylish editors here at The Stir actually pointed this scarf out to me during an email string about, well, scarves. It's amazing. I hate to be a copycat, but I'm totally coveting, too, now.

fur scarf

Preston and York Faux Fur Scarf, Dillard's, $36. Sort of reminiscent of Pippa's. And sort of old Hollywood, no? Super cute.

fur scarf 

KYI KYI Fox Fur Lace Lined Scarf, Bluefly, $228. Even though I'm anti-real fur -- and I'm anti-$228 scarves -- this is gorgeous. I love the color, I love the style, and I love the length. There's gotta be a faux version of this somewhere out there, and dagnabbit, I shall find her.

Are you willing to get on the fur scarf train?


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nonmember avatar Emme

Ugh, you're disgusting for thinking fur is fashionable. I don't care if it's fake or not - it sends the wrong message.

Did you know that because there's no law against it, a lot of retailers are marketing real fur as faux fur? Because so many people have boycott the real deal, it has become cheaper than the artificial version. Therefore, companies buy real fur and just tag it as faux so that it'll sell.

So, if you buy one of these scarves, there's a chance you're wearing a poor, dead animal.

nonmember avatar M

Go, Emme!! Fur is awful. Unless you respectfully hunted, gutted, and ate the animal yourself, honoring it and using all of it, I find those who wear fur disgusting. Faux fur promotes the industry too!

nonmember avatar fjc

All you have to do is feel real fur and you know. How it gets passed off is beyond me. I think fur has its place, but the places are rare. I'm thinking Antarctica...

Ember... Emberbaby

Ummm No thanks! No fur for me!!!!

Mandago Mandago

Yeah, even if it's fake, fur just looks gross to me. I'm all in favor of people making the more compassionate choice, but I'll be happier when fur isn't considered stylish at all.

nonmember avatar heather

Emme, Where do you get this rubbish from?! No way is real fur cheaper than faux. Not many companies market faux as real, I don't know where you get that from. A few do, yes, and they hit the headlines when they are brought to task, but to extrapolate that up to " a lot of companies" is just rubbish. There is actually a law against misrepresenting what you are selling by false description, so again, rubbish. Fur wull always be considered stylish, always has done, always will, whether real or faux. It just comes down to choice. If you think animals don't also die in the making of faux fur, then go do some more research. Incidently faux fur is pretty much the same stuff as your synthetic clothes, so don't be so hypocritical about being disgusted by animals dieing.

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