Does Shakira’s New Haircut Mean She’s Ready to Be a Mom?

If there is life on planet Kepler 22b, they are probably avoiding us because they don't quite understand our obsession with celebrity hair. Our latest fixation -- Shakira's new haircut. The hip-swiveling superstar tweeted a photo of her new hair yesterday and a worldwide news event occurred. But why? It is, after all, just hair. But is it? Let's face it, women live by the saying new hair, new life. So is this new short (and super cute!) 'do a subliminal message from Shakira?



To be fair, she has a stupid amount of Twitter followers and it is easy to make news accidentally, but let's assume she was showing off her new hair for a reason. What new life could she possibly want: She’s a freaken superstar; she was just named by President Obama to the Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics; and she recovered from her breakup from longtime boyfriend and business partner Antio de la Rua by dating a much younger, much hotter man (if you haven’t familiarized yourself with soccer stud Gerard Pique, you really should -- it will be quality time you waste on the Internet, trust me). But wait, there is the clue.

I mean, of course women who traditionally wear their hair long and wild like Shakira has are sending a message to their man when they cut it all off. I'm tame, I'm settled, I'm ready.

For what is the question. Is this new look the first step towards motherhood? In 2009, while she and de la Rua were still together, Shakira told the world she was ready for a family.

I’m dying to have a baby ... So probably after my next album, which comes out next year. I don’t think it could be sooner because in 2010 I’ll be touring as well. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now.

Hmmm, interesting. 2011 is almost over. Maybe this new hair was a signal to her boyfriend that now is the time. See, this is why we obsess about celebrity hair. It has so much meaning, offers so many clues into their hopes and dreams. If only there was a way we could have known why Shakira went so drastic? Like, if there was a way she could have communicated more about her haircut than just showing it off. If only there was a way she could use 140 characters to tell us why she needed the change. Oh wait, there is.

Next time, Shaki, tweet the photo with an explanation because if you just release the photo, we will be inundated with news stories about how you are trying to mimic Katy Perry’s hair and we know that isn’t true.

What do you think, is Shakira's new hair a sign?

Image via Shakira/Twitter

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