Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Skinnygirl’ Clothes Are Too Much of a Good Thing


bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel can do a lot of things. She can ice skate, make a bangin' low-cal margarita, stage lost-at-sea dramas, and come up with some pretty hilarious one-liners. She's a talented woman with a lot to offer, but her latest venture into loungewear is a little ... weird. I mean, would you want to wear a shirt with the word "Skinnygirl" across the chest? Or pants with "Skinnygirl" on the thigh? I sure don't. Bethenny's made some awesome products in her day, but this line of clothes misses the mark big time.

The collection features a tank, a t-shirt, and yoga pants all in black. The copy says they're great for lounging around or running errands, but I'm not buying it. I can't picture myself grocery shopping in Skinnygirl pants. I'd look ridiculous wearing them and filling up my cart with Cheetos and ice cream. Huh. Wait a second. Maybe that's Bethenny's point. Maybe she wants her clothes to shame us into living the Skinnygirl life, which obviously has nothing to do with fried corn bits covered in neon orange powered cheese. But I want my clothes to make me feel good, not guilty, don't you?

Bethenny's not the only New York Housewife who's ventured into the fashion world: ex-cast-mates Kelly Bensimon has a shoe line and Jill Zarin's got a shape-wear collection. Obviously Bethenny's Skinnygirl line is the biggest of any housewife brand -- it's got booze, juice cleanses, beauty products, weight management and energy supplements, the list goes on -- but this new addition of gym wear, while on brand, just doesn't make sense. Because the last thing I want people reading on my clothes is Skinnygirl. I feel like it's just begging for judgement.

What do you think of Bethenny's loungewear?


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Melissa Marshall

You see, it's not lame.  As long as Bethenny has been wearing her own Skinnygirl shirt her message boards, Facebook, and Twitter have been blasted with "Where can I get one of those?" messages from her fans.  When Brynn wore a Skinnygirl onesie the same thing happened.  She is a smart business woman who strikes when the iron is hot.  If there is a demand for a product she creates it.  More power to her.

nonmember avatar kay

I think the point of this loungewear is for her faithful followers to act as walking billboards for her brand. Nothing wrong with that if thats what they want to do. It really does look like lots of her fans want it. What I think is stupid is the skincare products. They look like the same cheapo products that you get from discount department stores that make you smell good, but also itch. I'm willing to trust her on what goes in my body because of her natural foods background, but on my skin? Ugh, no thanks.

Sicilia Alfonso

i wouldn't wear anything that says "skinny girl" for the same reason i would never wear "baby phat"  or "applebottums". 

nonmember avatar Sandi

Oh, but it's OK for 12 year olds to be weary "Juicy" on their asses? Who cares if Bethenny sells loungewear? Everything we wear seems to have SOMEONE'S named on it! She's a smart woman who is capitalizing on her fame. You can't fault her for that.

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