Queen Latifah Knows How to Make Curvy Women Feel Hot


Queen Latifah Essence CoverQueen Latifah is awesome at everything she does. However, her latest venture -- a clothing line spanning sizes 2 through 24W called Queen Collection for the Home Shopping Network -- may be her most successful one yet. Latifah spoke to Essence magazine about being a plus-size woman today:

"A lot of manufacturers don't respect the curvaceous woman," the January cover girl told Essence. "They don't respect our dollar or our shape ... I'm happy to make women's clothing I really like."

Amen, sister. It's been a few years now, but I remember how difficult it was for me to shop for "bigger girl" clothing prior to dropping 65 pounds. It feels like just yesterday when it so totally sucked having to compromise my personal style to find items that fit right.

Hearing her talk about being curvy and looking at her clothing line, it's clear that Queen Latifah really understands what plus-size women are looking for and what makes them feel good about their bodies. See for yourself:

First up, this ever-so-cute wrap dress:

Queen latifah wrap dress

This V-Neck Dress ($99.90) also comes in black and red. For any woman, the cascading ruffle detail on the front makes this little number super flattering. Dresses like this one sold in small, medium, and large sizes used to be my go-to, making me feel instantly tinier than a pair of pants with a number size I did NOT want to see on the back tag.

Queen Latifah Blazer

For a plus-size girl, jackets are a way to instantaneously slim down, creating a sleeker silhouette. Back in the day, I had a jean jacket I couldn't stop wearing, and I remember it made me feel like a million bucks. This Suede Moto Jacket with Leather Trim ($229.90) is nothing short of amazing and makes me think of that little gem. I love the edgy flair of this Queen number, and it comes in three other neutral colors.

Queen Latifah Jeans

Hands down the hardest thing to find when you're not Jennifer Aniston slender is jeans. At my heaviest, I used to only like the way I fit into this one certain style of jeans from this one certain store. I remember going to the mall with my dad late on weeknights whenever I needed a new pair, and shedding a tear or two in the dressing room realizing that they were the biggest size the store sold.

It makes me happy to know that there are cute options out there for women like the former me, like these Stretch Denim Boot-Cut Jeans (a STEAL at $69.90). These jeans are a great shape and shade, and are available in sizes 2 through 24W. Queen Latifah, for the win!

Whether you're a size 2 or a size 24, do you find it difficult shopping for your size?


Image via Essence

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ltf124 ltf124

Still a bit too much in pricing for me but the clothes are cute

nonmember avatar kelliel

CURVY means chest and hips. Fat women can call their bellies, back fat and cankles "curves" all they want...they're just fat! Quit trying to convince yourselves it's comfortable and just go work out already!

Anast... Anastazia975

kelliel, you are a very angry,spiteful person. I feel sorry for you. I think the clothes are cute, and wonder if they fit tall women? Being six foot one with a large chest makes clothes shopping difficult!

bills... billsfan1104

Anastazia, you are so right. Usually the clother that they have for "bigger" women, make us look like we are a butch lesbian, we are about to go lumberjacking, or we are 80 years old with a turkey scene on our tits. These are beauitful clothes, and they should make beautiful clothes for us, so we feel good about ourselves.

bills... billsfan1104

oLRAZZLE, my hatred for the holidays and old people is showing too. You forgot them.

ldbc ldbc

Wow kelliel.....don't judge until you've walked a mile in an overweight woman's shoes. You have no idea. Now be quiet and be nice!!

Sara0211 Sara0211

I'm a size 22 and petite to boot. I hate shopping for clothes! Half of the plus-size clothes I see have ugly patterns or weird embellishments which ruins the clothes. I see plenty of cute clothes in smaller sizes but I can't find the same clothes in my size. The ruffled wrap dress pictured above looks cute. As for the people who say that bigger women should work out already, what makes you think we aren't and how is it any of your business in the first place? Are we supposed to go naked or wear burlap sacks? There should be cute and stylish clothes available in all sizes.

Ari. Ari.

I am 6' 5" and it is nearly impossible for me to find clothes that fit. Pants usually look like I'm going clam digging, shirts look like I borrowed them from my little neice, and forget about me finding a feminine pair of size 11 shoes anywhere!!!

And to kelliel, I hear Libya is looking for some fresh hatemongers... why don't you head on over since you seem to know everything.

nonmember avatar Kristy

Yes, the clothes are cute . . . but givent that the target (if I'm reading between the lines correctly) is the woman who is size 12+, would it not make more sense to use photos with models who look like the women they're trying to sell to? Just sayin'.

sammy... sammyd2011

Kristy, the clothes are for women sized 2 through 24, but I believe the target is curvy women. I'm usually a size 4, but now a 6 since giving birth, and I've pretty much always had an hourglass figure. Large breasts don't fit in sweaters or tops that fit my waist, and wide hips don't fit in pants that fit my thighs and legs. Regular clothes turn out looking pretty slutty with cleavage hanging out and jeans hugging every curve! I've found wearing a lot of dresses or leggings is my best bet

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