New Developments in the War Between Salon and Supermarket Shampoos

DoveSeveral months ago, we had a raging debate here on She's Still Got It over whether high-priced salon shampoos and conditioners were any better than the stuff you can get at the grocery.

I'll be the first to admit, I only buy shampoo and conditioner at the supermarket -- I spend my dollars instead on high-priced styling creams and serums.

At the time, I had been sent Dove's new line of Nourishing Oil Care products. I tried them out and liked them. But now I've been using the shampoo and conditioner from the line for months -- and there's something I need to tell you ...


I had been a Pantene fan in the past, but the Dove line makes my hair feel much lighter and more resistant to product residue. At the same time, my hair feels shiny, less frizzy, and static-free. It wasn't until a few days ago that I connected my hair's health to the fact that I had been using the Dove shampoo and conditioner for a while. And then I knew I had to tell you about it.

I was skeptical about this line at first, because it uses almond and other natural mineral oils and I didn't think I wanted to add anything but argan oil to my hair (which is used in MoroccanOIl products) -- and argan oil costs a lot of money! But I was wrong. The Nourishing Oil Care shampoo and conditioner are wonderful. Almond oil and all.

For your supermarket dollar, I can't recommend this line highly enough. My husband loves it, too, and he has naturally curly hair while mine is stick-straight, so it works on a range of hair types.

Now I want to hear the latest from you on what you're using and loving. Is there a supermarket shampoo brand you're passionate about, or do you stick with salon products when it comes to your hair? Having used both, the only major difference I've noticed in the salon brands is that they generally smell heavenly -- I've had to sacrifice the scrumptious smells by buying at the supermarket.

What's your take on this pressing issue?


Image via Dove

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heave... heavencarlson

Dove tests on animals so I will NOT be using this shampoo, no matter how strongly you recommend it!

nonmember avatar Janell

i've always gotten compliments on my hair scent back in the day when i used to use dove. i can't use it now due to the keratin treatment in my hair :( sulfate free for me

Caitlin Woodward

I'm the same way, I stick to my supermarket brands of shampoo/conditioner and spend my money on the expensive products because I have yet to find a supermarket brand of straightening product that works as well as the salon brands!

Kritika Kritika

I love the Slick Line Matrix knock off from Sally's. I get expensive hair products from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.

Anast... Anastazia975

I'm a Lushy! :) Lots of bang for my buck, it's delivered, all natural and awesome. But that's just my opinion.

jkm89 jkm89

John Frieda. A little more expensive than other brands but way cheaper than buying from the salon. I love the brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner and the take charge curl boosting mousse. Also infusium 23's frizz controller is a God send. All of this stuff works just as well as salon products but sells for around 5 bucks each. Can't beat that. My sister is a hair stylist though and she says the only reason shampoos and conditioners from the store make your hair so shiny is because they add wax to them which is not good for your hair.

Rebeccah Williams Connelly

I'm a huge Dove fan myself. As the owner of coarse, sort of curly/sort of wavy/sort of straight and all the way crazy hair, it works great for me. However. I fell in with Moroccan Oil crowd myself but was not thrilled about the price tag. Enter Sallys beauty supply. I buy the Argan Oil line and it is the exact same stuff for a fraction of the price. Wheeee!

Stacey. Stacey.

I will def. try this. I recently switched to their body wash, and I was pretty disappointed in the scent compared to Caress. However, you are the 2nd person I heard rave about the shampoo. Ive been using Suave, and it doesnt make me look smart lol.

eliss... elissaduffy

I use Dove's line as well. I (stupidly) got my hair coloredat Walmart once, and the bleach killed my hair SO BAD that it literally broke off like dry hay. Those dry spots got shorter than the same layers because of the breakage, and once I started using this product (the dark blue one), it stopped happening! I still use it, a year later, and my hair is fantastic

Maria86 Maria86

I only use natural and organic hair and body products. Something about all those toxins and chemicals in the conventional ones scare me, especially now that I am pregnant

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