Sarah Jessica Parker Shows That Dressing Like Your Kids Isn't Always Cute


sarah jessica parkerAs far as I'm concerned, Sarah Jessica Parker can do no fashion wrong. And I'm pretty confident I'm not alone in thinking that. The woman has landed on countless Best Dressed lists; was hand-picked to run the Halston Heritage label; and I mean, hello: Sex and the City. She knows her stuff.

So, when I feasted mine eyes upon a recent photo of Parker leaving her apartment clad in a white lace dress, beige pea coat, sky high heels, and bright teal tights, naturally, I liked. I don't know if I'd necessarily be able to pull off such a bold get-up, but on SJP, it works. And it works well.

That is, until I found out what she coordinated said bright tights with. (Hint: It's two things, and they're actually alive.)

Her adorable twins, Tabitha and Marion! Well, she sort of coordinated them with the girls. The little ones were seen out and about that same day with their nannies in matching teal raincoats. Matching to each other, and matching to their mommy.

Honestly, I have no idea if this was done on purpose, if Parker was even the one to dress the girls or what, but it does bring up an interesting notion. Interesting to me, at least: Moms who dress like their kids.

In short, I'm for it. But there are stipulations. To me, at least.

I'm never one for anything too matchy-matchy. Be it a sole outfit, or two separate outfits. So, pairing teal tights with her daughters' teal raincoats -- if that's what she was doing -- would be a "no" in my book. The color is just too bright. If Parker and her kids were all in something more subtle, like a deep purple, I'd be all for it.

And of course, "matchy-matchy" also constitutes wearing the exact same thing. I'm never into that. Unless it's amongst (young) siblings. Then it's adorable. But I don't think a mom wearing the same shirt as her child is necessarily a cute look. The same style, sure. But not the same shirt.

When my daughter is born, I have fantasies of us both being out and about in similar pairs of black, hipster-y high-tops. I think it would just be fun. My husband, on the other hand, thinks it's a terrible idea. And maybe you do, too. So, I guess to each his own in the world of mommy-baby dressing, huh? And I guess I should just shut up about Sarah Jessica Parker and her girls.

Do you ever dress like your kids?


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It's amazing- but I do it all the time subconsciously! I'll lay out my DS and DD outfits, usually coordinating, occasionally matching- then we'll get in the car and I have on the same colors!

jujub... jujubear1

I do the same thing.  I can't tell you how many times I realize we are either wearing the same style of shirt or the same colors.  DD loves it.  Fortunately, the only thing we have that are exactly the same is the t-shirt from her cheer squad, so it's usually not completely matchy-matchy.  But yeah, we've been seen both wearing brown boots, jeans and pink sweaters or something, but it's almost never intentional.angel mini

Lynette Lynette

It happens on accident all the time.  Sometimes it's a case of the loads of reds was just washed so we all end up in red.  I don't relise I did it till everyone is dressed.  Or it's the fact that I happen to be drawn to green that day so I grab different shades of green out of the drawers for everyone.  Sometimes I catch it before we are all dressed and I grab different colors for the kids but not always. 

In this case w/ SJP I wouldn't be surprised if it was done on accident.  For the girls they looked like rain coats.  How many raincoats do you have for your kids?  It was raining and coats were put on, doesn't mean they were meant to match the tights, could have been just a coincidence.

Brittany L. Ison

Aww! Me and my daughter have matching sparkly sneakers.  As long as my kid thought it was cool, I'd wear a shirt or coat that matched hers! lol 

nonmember avatar Pegels

Any Mom who dresses up like their daughter needs to stop, take a breath and realize they are an adult and the mother; they are not a BFF or sister of their daughter. They are supposed to be the caregiver, teacher, nurturer....not they best bud! As for dressing twins alike: not! These children, while they are genetically alike, need to become individuals and singular beings. By making them look so identical in dress, all you do is enforce the concept that they are one in the same, not special in their own separate way.

nonmember avatar Kb

Those tights are hideous and especially so with those shoes. Please, I really suspect (and hope) that if you'd seen someone else in this outfit you have called it the hot mess that it is...

nonmember avatar SG

I'm with Kb. I seriously thought this article was going to be on what a hot mess she was in that outfit after seeing that picture. I can't believe people would actually like the look. Yikes!!!

nonmember avatar Karen

SJP is wearing the most hideous outfit I have ever seen. Did she dress in the dark? If anyone else had been wearing that nightmare-in-lace getup, she would have called out on it.
Just aweful. I can't see that even looking good on a little girl. Ugh.

peach... peach1250

I obvously don't get why you think she can do no wrong. I think she dresses like an 80's teen. Her clothing is so bizarre that one of these days her kids will probably refuse to go out in public with her.

nonmember avatar dao

Isn't that her schtick?

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