Lea Michele’s Red Carpet Style Is Only Good Thing About ‘New Year’s Eve’

lea michele ashton kutcherThere's nothing I'm looking forward to less this winter than New Year's Eve, the movie. Didn't studio execs learn anything from the ensemble cast disaster that was Valentine's Day? No one likes these stupid flicks with 1,000 plot lines. Anyway, the premier of New Year's Eve was last night and even though I already hate the movie, there was something pretty darn awesome on the red carpet: Lea Michele. She looked amazing in a metallic gold Valentino dress with a deep V, Christian Louboutin heels, and Neil Lane jewelry.

Her best accessory, though, wasn't something she wore. Believe it or not, it was Ashton Kutcher.


The two star in the movie and from the constantly played commercial, I gather that they become an unlikely couple after getting stuck in some impossibly huge and derelict-chic elevator together on December 31. It all sounds amazingly boring and predictable, but Michele and Kutcher's chemistry on the red carpet last night really brought out the best in both of them.

Michele looked radiant as she quipped things that made Kutcher crack up. And when you have a genuine smile on your face, your outfit is complete. Looking healthy and happy trumps even the sexiest of dresses and/or high heels. Michele let her bubbly personality shine through and it looks like she and Kutcher had a ton of fun. So nice to see some chuckles on the red carpet.

Eventually I'd like to see Lea Michele step out of her style comfort zone and do something other than Hollywood glam, but you can't really fault the girl for sticking with what works for her. She looks fantastic.

In case you're wondering, New Year's Eve opens this Friday. Yay.

What do you think of Lea Michele's metallic look?


Photo via John Shearer/Getty

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