Rosie O'Donnell Gives Fiance a Dreamy Engagement Ring (PHOTO)

Rosie O'Donnell engagement ringRosie O'Donnell knows that when you find the one person who makes you smile like nobody else can, you make them yours. The 49-year-old comedian announced yesterday during a taping of her show that she's engaged to Michelle Rounds. Hours later, Rosie happily gushed about the news on Twitter and posted a photo of the beautiful engagement ring (and fiance).

Whether or not you are pro-same sex marriage, you have to admit that, A. These two seem madly and happily in love, and B. The ring is GORGEOUS. I mean it, the cushion cut setting surrounded by a plethora of smaller rounds is to die for!

While I may be absolutely nowhere near getting engaged, I'd be "so so so happy" too with a ring like that on my left hand.

See it for yourself, here:


Rosie O'Donnell engagement ring
I know it's a little tough to make out, but there's no denying that there's some serious bling bling action. I love how it's big enough to catch your eye, but not overstated a la Kim Kardashian's former rock. Dare I say it, Michelle's ring bears a striking resemblance to the one that I envision wearing one day.

No, no, I'm not one of those girls who has the ring 100 percent picked out, wants needs it to be more than two carats, and won't settle for something from a mom and pop store. Hell, I don't even know my own ring size! However, what woman doesn't spend a few minutes here and there browsing the Interwebs for her perfect dream ring? Can you blame me, really?

Truth be told, I'm sure that when I'm with the perfect guy and the right time presents itself, I'll be happy with whatever little gem ends up on my left ring finger. It wouldn't hurt if it looks a tad like what Rosie picked out, though.

What do you think of the ring Rosie bought for Michelle? What does your engagement ring look like?

Images via Fortune Live Media/Flicker, Splash News

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