Katy Perry Gets Radical New 'Do (PHOTO)

Katy PerryKaty Perry isn't shy when it comes to her hair.

The pop sensation seems to have a new hairdo every other week -- but this radical new look may be my favorite one yet.

Katy has chopped her longish locks and (mostly) turned her once-pink hair blonde.



I thought I would only be a fan of Katy Perry with black hair, but I was wrong!

She looks great as a blonde with a bob, as well!

Maybe even better than she did when her hair was raven-colored!

Do you agree?


Since Katy tweeted that she loved the new Michelle Williams biopic My Week With Marilyn, I can't help but wonder if she was inspired by the film and decided to go blonde in homage to the late, great Marilyn Monroe.

Or perhaps she decided on a more sophisticated look in time to host Saturday Night Live this Saturday night.

Whatever the reason, I'm so glad she did it.

I have to admit that I HATED the pink hair.

Katy PerryHATED IT.

And I'm not opposed to pink hair in general, I just think it looked horrible on her.

Mixed in with the blonde strands, though, it doesn't bother me. It looks appropriately punk rock.

I'm hoping Katy keeps this look for a while, but knowing her, she'll have a new 'do by next week.

What do you think of Katy's new look? (Quick! Tell me before it's gone!)


Images via Jason Merritt/Getty Images and InStyle

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