Lady Gaga's Skin Advice Is Crazy Enough to Work

lady gagaI'll admit, I'm a sucker for "celebrity beauty secrets." If I happen to stumble upon a magazine that has something like "Sienna Miller's hair secrets" or "Kate Moss's beauty routine" on the cover, I'm in. I'll happily fork over the $5 I don't have in order to obtain such highly-coveted (to me) information. Unfortunately, though, nine times out of 10, the "beauty secrets" wind up being some lame, rehearsed PR stunt, or a flat out lie. And it doesn't help me one bit.

Not the case with Lady Gaga, though. She recently spilled her secrets to a perfect complexion, and although they're downright weird, they're totally believable and actually something we can all easily obtain.


Mother Monster told Elle that "spinach and orgasms, lots of orgasms" are responsible for her damn-near flawless skin. There's really no attesting for the "Born This Way" singer's orgasms, but while she was being interviewed, Lady G sipped on a vegetable juice drink, so the spinach thing definitely seems legit. (And, I mean, it's Lady Gaga, so we can probably all just go and assume that the orgasm thing is, too.)

It's an odd way to phrase it -- "spinach and orgasms" -- but it really is solid, honest complexion advice. Think about it: The health benefits of dark, leafy greens are always being touted -- and, I, for one, know that when I eat antioxidant-rich foods, my skin looks brighter and clearer. And, as for orgasms, well, they certainly can't hurt.

The way I'm choosing to take the latter portion of Gaga's advice is that when someone is having lots of orgasms -- at least the dewy skin boosting kind -- they're in a new relationship. (People in new relationships have tons of sex.) And people in new relationships tend to have a glow about them because they're so damn happy all the time. Nothing makes a person more attractive than confidence and genuine happiness.

So, no lame PR stunts there. As bizarre as she made it sound, Lady Gaga actually gave honest beauty advice that we can all apply to our own lives. Well, for the most part.

Do you plan on following Gaga's skin advice?


Image John Robert Charlton/Flickr

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