Taylor Swift Shows Us That Bangs Are Best (PHOTO)

taylor swiftTaylor Swift got bangs, y'all. Pretty exciting stuff, I know. But whatever, let's talk about it. Because we all know that getting bangs is a bold move. How many times have you folded your long hair in front of your forehead and asked your friends, See? Like this. But you know, not like this but like bangs. Should I cut them? Should I? and then made a PowerPoint presentation that Monday at work of all the celebrities with bangs that you like. To bangs, or not to bangs, that is the question.

But Taylor's foray into this unknown, dark, and sometimes scary territory has been illuminating. She talked to Stylelist about her new 'do, and guys, Taylor's just like us.


Not in the bangs PowerPoint presentation way, but like in a general way. She said she decided to get bangs because "it's fun to play around with your hair and change it up." True. She also said that she decided to go for it because she "loved the way bangs look on other people." True! She had a stylist cut them while she was getting her hair done for a photo shoot and Taylor hasn't looked back since. She and her bangs are looking fierce.

Also, bangs are great for winter. I bet our Tay Tay knew that, too. In the colder months, I feel like we "do" our hair more. In the summer, you can just wash it and go. Let the sun and wind dry and style it for you. In the winter? Not so much. So we take blow dries and straightening irons to our tresses to give them a little umph. And if we're going to be doing our hair anyway, styling the bangs will be no sweat.

I think she's on to something. Bangs look great. Congrats to Taylor and her new haircut. I think they look really good together, and I hope they stay happy with one another for a long time.

What are your thoughts on the oh-so-important bangs issue?


Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty

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