Teen's Acne-Covering Makeup Video Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Cassandra BanksonCovering up blemishes with makeup can be difficult.

But imagine how much harder it would be if you suffered from severe acne, like 19-year-old Cassandra Bankson.

Fortunately, Cassandra figured out a way to hide her acne problem. She even created a makeup tutorial on YouTube to show others how she does it.

The transformation was so amazing that the video went viral and now has nearly 2 million views.

Click through to see how Cassandra creates a flawless face.

Here's the original video:

Pretty impressive, huh?

Cassandra's makeup coverage techniques are so good, in fact, that she actually works as a model. It's impressive that she didn't let her skin condition get in the way of her dreams.

I wish that we could see more videos and photos like this one, exposing the fact that even beautiful girls like Cassandra Bankson have to do some behind-the-scenes work to get that way. 

It seems like women go to extraordinary lengths to cover up the fact that when they wake up in the morning, they don't necessarily look all that glamorous or seductive! And I include myself in this group -- I totally admire Cassandra for going public in her "natural state" -- I could NEVER do it.

What about you? Would you show off a photo of yourself on Facebook or video on YouTube with no makeup whatsoever? Why or why not?


Image via YouTube


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Tatto... TattooedDarling

I also have terrible acne and before college, I knew nothing about how to treat my skin (my mother has never washed her make-up off a day in her life, so I come by my ignorance honestly) so in all of my pictures in high school, my concealer is poorly blended, my powder's too dark, and the oil in my T-zones ate away all the coverage, so not an ounce of acne is hidden. I look like a blotchy, awful mess. Fortunately, I did some research, started a skin care routine, and figured out how to make myself up and can now fake relatively clear skin in the middle of a break-out as well (though I went to a derm recently and actually have the closest thing to clear skin I've had since I was 11)


Note for anyone who wants to try and routine similar to Miss Bankson: Unless you're fanatical about keeping your hands clean while you do your make-up, using your hands can make acne worse, but brushes don't always give great coverage, especially if you're not willing to drop a fortune on a single brush and an absolute mint on a set. I use sponges. You can find them next to the cotton balls in any drug or grocery store and the provide great coverage and absorb less make-up than brushes do. They're also disposable, so you're not rubbing more dirt and oil into your skin every time you use one. 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I hope she is only doing that for special occasions and work because if she's spackling that stuff on her face every day her poor skin will never get a chance to clear up.

Ember... Emberbaby

I think it took some guts to post this video and I commend her for that.

That is quite a foundation routine.

Melis... Melissa042807

Pardon my French, but DAMN. She is good with makeup! I've dealt with severe acne for most of my life and it can be hard to get everything covered without it looking cakey. My face is pretty good right now, but about a year and a half ago it looked way worse than hers does right now. So I've been there. And it sucks. I'll tell ya one thing, I am hightailing it to the nearest cosmetics store and finding me a good primer! Because the hardest thing is getting my skin to look smooth and the scarring makes that hard, but that primer made her scars smooth away.

And something weird about acne - when using the right products, acne prone skin can actually do better with makeup on it than without. Mine does. It's weird, like I said. I don't know what it is. Maybe that the makeup wicks oil off the skin, or protects it from the dirt and grime floating through the air. No idea. But my skin does better with makeup on it. You just gotta have the right makeup. And you gotta wash it off every single night. And that goes for everyone - if you have time to put it on, you have time to take it off. 

Hannah Marcum

Yes! I'm so glad I saw this. I had horrible ance before accutane and never knew how to cover it well until I started working for Clinique. Now I'm a pro. People always say you shouldn't wear much makeup with acne but this is NOT TRUE. 

Becca Sanborn

I had pretty bad acne as a teen, I still have bad back acne. I go through periods where I wear makeup all the time and then some where I don't... but I do take good care of my skin, washing, toning, moisturizing.

Nancy... NancyJ422

That is amazing!  I didn't have bad acne but I remember I'd get a huge zit now and again (it felt like every week back then!) on my cheekbone and of course I couldn't leave them alone.  I could probably still point out the scars from picking at them!

But since I have no talent what so ever putting on makeup this was really interesting.

Torra... TorranceMom

Brave girl! Gotta give her credit for having the courage to post this video. Acne at any age is a horrible thing to have to deal with. The lengths people (especially women) will go to to "fake" great skin are amazing. However, as anyone who has suffered from acne knows, nothing can truly substitute for clear skin. I started breaking out at the age of 13 and didn't have consistently clear skin until I was about 30! That's a long time to live with acne. I used practically every topical med and took practically every oral antibiotic in my dermatologists arsenal with no success until he decided to stop messing around and get out the big guns. Three (yes, you read that right) full courses of Accutane later, my bare skin was so beautiful, it could have been in a magazine. Sucks that they took that drug off the market because it changed my life.

nonmember avatar sara

This video broke my heart as I too suffered with acne all my life and literally had to go through a makeup routine just to walk out my front door. Two years ago after much deliberation I went on Accutane after having been on Tetracylcines all my life. My skin started healing and I finally felt confident to even go out without makeup. It was a new lease on life. My 17 year old son went on it two months ago and his acne is finally starting to clear. If this girl has not tried it I would highly recommend it since she is so brave and is suffering needlessly. Please let her know of this and hopefully it will help her too. She is too sweet to suffer anymore.

pflip pflip

Now I'm addicted to her videos! I still have acne at 35, kudos to her for showing the world :)



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