H&M 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Collection Can Be Bought at Goodwill for Less!

H&MSomeone just needs to say it.

H&M's "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" collection that all the fashion bloggers are salivating over is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

I mean, seriously? A ripped t-shirt? People are going to buy this?


My little teen and twenty-something friendlets, let me give you some practical advice.

Go to Goodwill. Find a t-shirt for a dollar. Rip it in a few places.


You've got your very own "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" collection, at a fraction of the price!

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H&MDig this crazy frayed denim mini? Take any denim skirt in your closet. Cut it off just below your hoo-ha. You've got a "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" skirt!! YAY.


H&MWow. These dirty hightops are SO EDGY. Want some of your own? Wear an old pair of hightops outside for a few weeks. Soon you too will have "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" hightops -- BEFORE they're available at H&M stores on December 14! Lucky devil!


H&MOoooh look! A gray hoodie, created by "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" costume designer Trish Summerville herself! You will look sooooo edgy and avant garde in this AMAZING GRAY HOODIE! (You can probably find one at Walmart, too, FYI. Put it in the wash a few times for that artfully distressed look.)


H&MMore old, dirty shoes? I DIE. I'm betting you will all be LINED UP outside H&M in a few weeks to get your VERY OWN PAIR of old, dirty shoes! Squeeeeeeeee!

What do you think of this collection? Will you buy it? Or are you so very hip that you (gasp!) ALREADY OWN IT???!!!!


Images via H&M

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