Must-Have Bag Will Give You a Perfect Hour-Glass Figure

mollascope bagRemember the trend a few years ago that mandated we carry purses the size of our houses? Poor Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, we couldn't tell back then if they were carrying the bag, or if the bag was carrying them. The argument for the style was that the gigantic bags were hobo-chic and supposedly made you look smaller. Now, there's a company that's taken it one step further. Say hello to the Contour Canvas bag by MollaSpace.

Why spend hundreds on gym memberships or thousands on liposuction when $45 will get you the body you've always dreamed of?


Throw this puppy over your shoulder and boom: Flat stomach and perfect boobs. It's great for running errands and making everyone jealous of your amazingly two-dimensional figure. You'll be shopping in the meat and cheese section with your bag and people will wonder how you do it. Just how are you so fit and trim in that stripped tank top? Shh. It's our secret.

The bag's not a cure-all, though. Might be a little tough wearing it when you've got on an evening gown, or any dress for that matter. When we don formalwear, I guess we'll have to rely on Spanx to hold in our guts because this tote would look pretty ridiculous at a wedding reception or office cocktail party.

Besides its obvious shortcomings, the bag gets my stamp of approval. It's funny! It's slimming! It comes in a lot of colors! And if you're shopping for someone on your list who has a sense of humor, this tote just might be the thing. Otherwise, treat yo'self to some weight loss in a bag.

What do you think of this bag? Ridiculous? Amazing?


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