Kim Kardashian Has the Secret to the Perfect Nude Lip


kim kardashian unbreakableLike so many of you, I am obsessed with Kim Kardashian. Well, actually, I'm just obsessed with her lipstick. When Kim speaks, I don't even hear what she says because her voice is so annoying I block it out she's found the absolute perfect shade of lip color. It's like the color was created just for her. It's subtle, so what we mostly see are her enormous, saucer-sized eyes. And yet there's just the right amount of gloss to make her look polished. How does she do it?

I'm curious because every lip color in the universe looks awful on me. Lipstick and I do not get along. Maybe it's my thin lips, but reds just sink my mouth farther into my cheekbone-less, moon pie face, and pale colors look weird and chalky on me. I've been looking for the perfect "nude" color for some time. I never thought I would find it on Ms. Kardashian!

Relationship advice from Kim? Never. Fashion tips? Hardly. But makeup -- tell me more. What I'm looking for is the perfect "nude" lip -- but not just that "no lipstick" look -- something with a touch of rosy gold, and some gloss. And I'll take help anywhere, I am that desperate. Even from the Kardashian blog! Makeup stylist Mario Dedivanovic's lip recipe for Kim (as seen at the Unbreakable launch, anyway) is as follows:

  • Josie Maran lip liner in Natural
  • Mac lipstick in Half 'n Half
  • Eye M Glam AcryLip gloss

Hmm, come to think of it, she's Armenian and I'm Mexican, so her "nude" lip color is probably not exactly my "nude" lip color. We're not that far off from each other, but she's more tan and I'm more olive. Maybe what I really need to do is pay a visit to the cosmetic counter so I can try on 300 different shades of nude to find the exact shade. Like I have the time! 

And like most busy moms, I don't have the time for three different products just for my lips. For my one-product approach, I've been using Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss in Surreal. But I'm still on the hunt. Would it be weird for me to carry around a picture of Kim with me to the stores? It's been about 18 years since I last carried a picture of Jennifer Aniston to the hairdresser (memories, shudder). Am I too old to still be doing that? Maybe this time I'll go with the more dignified approach and trust my instincts.

Do you like Kim's lip look? Have you found the perfect glossy/nude formula?


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prplecat prplecat

Why not just bite your lips lightly to bring up the color, take out a mirror, and match THAT color?  Should be the most natural, perfect shade for you. :)

tuffy... tuffymama

YEARS ago, it was Clinique Pink Chocolate, blotted well, with a subtly shimmery, slightly gold-dust-y gloss swiped over the middle of my lips. I loved it. Now I just use my homemade balm with a teeny bit of Bare Mineral blush dabbed on, and gloss over that. It works.

omgitsjo omgitsjo

I love NYX lipliner in Natural and a sheer pink/peachy gloss. or, just the gloss when I don't have the time for the liner.

golde... goldenpoppy

Korres lip glosses are the best! Not sticky or glittery. They smell nice too,a subtle REAL cherry scent.kiss mini

Jane Smith

Just go away finally!   Sign the No More Kardashian petition at  177,000 signatures so far.

Sinat... SinatrasKitten

I am Spanish and the perfect nude lipstick for me is NARS Pago Pago and then I swipe a gloss over the top.  Usually I use NARS Sweet Dreams gloss for a more pinky look or Tarte lip gloss in honey for a more peachy/brown look.  However I can no longer find the Tarte lip gloss... they must have discontinued it.

nonmember avatar judy johns

C.O. Bigelow from bath and body works!

nonmember avatar Jillian

I agree with goldenpoppy, the Korres lip glosses are amazing. Very hydrating, not sticky, great colors, and they smell great, too!

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