10 Great Holiday Party Looks for Under $100

earringsI'm getting anxiety. The good kind, but it's anxiety nonetheless. It's December 3rd and I have a few holiday parties/functions to attend, and of course, nothing to wear.

Now, don't be mistaken, I love holiday parties -- and I definitely love dressing up -- but I think if I have to wear the same black shorts/white shirt combo with black tights, and black shoes -- to everything -- this year, I'll, I don't know, do something bad.

I need new clothes. Options. Something fresh in my wardrobe. But, unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow for too many options and fresh things. So, lucky for you, who may be in a similar situation, I've spent the last few hours, scouring the Internet for fun, festive things to wear this season -- and they're all under a $100.




Faux Fur Jacket from Forever 21, $49.80. Oh, hell yes. Looking stylish while keeping warm is an art I'm yet to perfect. Not saying this will necessarily be the thing to bundle up in in a snowstorm, but is sure is cute.


Snowflake Pattern Tights from Express, $29.90. Adorable. If I have to resort to wearing the ol' black shorts/white shirt combo again this year, at least I know these exist.

green dress

Pleated Green Dress, Zara, $89.90. This is so not a dress that would look good on my 5"3 frame, but if you're on the taller side, this is perfect. And that green will look fantastic on anyone's complexion.


Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace, J.Crew, $85. It's not everyday that it's perfectly okay to wear sparkly, crystal necklaces. This one is tremendous for the holidays.


Pearl Jewel Box Earrings, J.Crew, $68. And while we're at it, why don't we throw in these unbelievably gorgeous (unbelievably affordable) earrings, too?


Faux Fur Fox Tail Pouch, Gap, $39.95. It's never chic to walk into a party with your everyday, ginormous purse. This cute clutch is great for bringing just the essentials. And the faux fur fox tail makes it nice and original. Want.

bootieSuede Stiletto Ankle Bootie, Forever 21, $26.80. Sometimes you just want to edge up your holiday attire. Put the black pumps to the side and slip on these wear-with-anything sude booties. They're from Forver 21, so I can't guarantee you that they'll last all that long, but at under $27, who cares?

sequin tank 

Sequin-front Tank, Express, $39.90. What are the holidays without a sequin tank? Throw on black pants and a black blazer, boom, done. 


Botcher Clutch, Aldo, $40. Speaking of adorable, unique, small handbags -- I'm in love.


Metallic Effect Sweater, Zara, $69.90. Okay, this is the perfect thing to pair with black shorts and tights, or if you're just not feeling that festive, a simple pair of black trousers. And even though it has a little shimmer, you can totally wear past the season.

So, I guess, with a little poking around, it is possible to get a new item (or two) at a decent price. Now, the only problem is -- what to buy?

What are you wearing to your holiday parties this year?

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