Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj Hair Color Is Fab, But Unoriginal

katy perryIf you want to get nominated for a Grammy, you might consider dyeing your hair pink. Both Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry rocked rose-colored locks to last night's Grammy nomination concert -- Katy's was tied up in the back with some bangs in the front and roots a-blaring, and Nicki's hair was almost certainly a pink wig with blonde tips. Both singers looked happy-go-lucky in their candy-colored hairdos, but, I don't know, Katy's needs some upkeep. If you're going to go pink, you've gotta go big or go home. Roots look especially bad when you've got fuchsia tresses.

While Katy and Nicki's hair looked pretty good, they're certainly not the only celebs who'd gone to the pink side. So many big names before them have also dyed their hair pink. Is there some sort of secret hair club for stars we don't know about?


In the pink-haired club, we've got Rachel McAdams. The blonde star got some ombre pink streaks back in 2009. She looked fabulous. Since then, she's gone dark brown to dark blonde to strawberry blond, but the pink was certainly a crowd favorite.

Then there's Pink, of course. The pop star came onto the scene in 2000 with her first song "There You Go" with very short, very gelled, pink hair. She's gone through a ton of variations since, but I think her name really shows where her heart lies. Another singer with pink locks is Gwen Stefani. The mother of two looks totally rocker-chic in her ever-changing hairstyles.

And we can't leave off Dianna Agron. The Glee actress went full-blown pink there for a couple of episodes in the Fox teen drama and I'll be darned if it didn't give her the edge she was looking for. I liked it on both Quinn and Di.

Even though Katy and Nicki are looking fresh on the red carpet, they've got a long line of pink-haired celebs before them to thank for blazing the trail. Wonder when their special club will meet next? 

What do you think of pink hair? Yay or nay?


Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty

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