Michelle Obama Wears the Perfect Outfit to Trim the Tree (PHOTO)


michelle obamaWednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama and pup Bo welcomed military families to the White House to see this year's decorations. The decor, as usual, was impressive. There are 37 Christmas trees(!), and a 400-pound gingerbread White House. But all of that paled, sort of, in comparison to what the First Lady wore to kick off the holiday season: A plain black to-the-knee dress, dotted sheer tights, and a white collar with a flower pin.

Not your typical brightly-colored, multi-patterned Michelle Obama outfit -- but the perfect thing to wear for the holidays.

I've never been a fan of the whole red and green clothes thing for holiday parties. It's not that I have anything against these two colors, it's just ... it's been done to death and it's so expected. I think Michelle looks perfectly festive and fun -- despite her all-black outfit. I chalk it up to the way her dress fits (it's kind of fancy), and the fact that she jazzed it up a bit with fun tights and a pretty pendant. To me, that's holiday-y.

There are tons of ways to dress up for the season without, you know, dipping yourself in vats of green and red. Sequins and gold (not necessarily together) always say "December" to me. And they needn't be strictly reserved for New Year's Eve. Big, statement pieces of jewelry work, as well. And, of course, you can never go wrong in black and/or white. The only thing that doesn't really look "'tis the season" to me, at least, are bright, vibrant colors, like yellows, oranges, and pinks.

So, when you're searching for something to wear to your office holiday party -- or heck, Christmas dinner itself -- take a page from Michelle Obama's book and think outside the box. You'll still look perfectly festive, I promise.

What do you usually wear to holiday parties?


Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty


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bills... billsfan1104

I have already looked into purchasing black dresses, and jazzing it up with accessories. I too get tired of the red and green crap. I am also tired of going to a store for some of us "larger" women, and finding only sweater that have a winter or christmas scene on my tits.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Nice outfit on both of them!

butte... butterflymkm

Haha billsfan I agree! I'm a young woman (20s) I don't want a sweater that my 80 yr old grandma should be wearing!

Nathan Troutman

37 trees and 400 pounds of gingerbread house. REALLY? How about exhibiting some financial restraint. Respect for the economy would be a perfect outfit. Perhaps a nice warm petticoat and two hours a night at a soup kitchen serving the homeless? That would be a noteworthy outfit for a First Lady.

nonmember avatar Grammeof1

This first family has volunteered in plenty of shelters and other places since they have gotten to the White House. You really do research your facts huh!!
Anyway on a POSITIVE note.... Perfect Outfit!!

nonmember avatar Gayle Gilmore

Michelle Obama[First Lady} has always been well dressed when I have seen her Pictures.
And yes you should do your research. She has done alot for People and has helped with just being places. She is smart tho.She just doesn't advertise herself like some do.
The President Obama and the First Lady were elected into a Mess that already existed. He has been under fire for trying to get us out of it.
They are great people....And on the positive side, like someone else wrote. The outfit looked great!

nonmember avatar Kookie

Dressed for trimming the tree? Don't you mean dressed for watching the workers trim the tree? Volumteer work? Maybe volunteered, but not worked much. How much effort is handing over a bowl of soup after someone else does the work.
I cannot see much 'dazzle' in her clothers.
And that red gown = jeezzzz.

nonmember avatar Bonnie

The President and First Lady are responsible for buying their own clothes and all before them have taken advantage of every photo op. available. Michelle is a beautiful woman and they have a beautiful family. The First Lady and the President have never gotten the credit that was due them for the positive things they have done for this country. Why they would want to spend another four years in Washington is beyond me, life for them would be so much better out of Washington. They deserve better than what the public is throwing their way.

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