Clinique's Newest Fragrances Are Neato!

Clinique Happy Custom Bottle

Photo from Clinique

Lots of us love the scent of Clinique Happy -- it's a clean mix of sweetness and citrus. I love it and CafeMoms in the group All About Hair and Makeup love it, too. ericaanthony, twinssilver, maryjen, and Kimberleah are just a few of the moms I found who are fans!

And, great news...they just came out with two new ways to get the scent! A photo bottle and a pencil!


Clinique Happy Custom Bottle ($52.50) allows you to download your favorite photo so the perfume doubles as a picture frame. Great gift or would sure look cute on your bathroom counter.

Happy-To-Go ($45) has three scents in a handy perfume pencil that you sharpen just like eyeliner! No more worries about spills in your bag.

I should have added this to my upcoming gift guide, but I had to tell you about it sooner because the photo bottle must be ordered by December 8th to arrive in time for the holidays.

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