New H&M Collection Might Finally Give Us Cool Jewelry

marni for h&mJust as customers are snagging up the Versace H&M collection, the trendy, low-cost store just announced today that their next high-end fashion collaboration will be with ... Marni! If you're not familiar with the Italian brand, don't you worry. All you really need to know is that head designer and CEO Consuelo Castiglioni makes very cool, very colorful, very bold, and very awesome clothes and accessories. A low-price collaboration with H&M is what I've been waiting for since I'm not even close to being able to afford the real thing.

I just have one, very simple request.


Please, please, please let the Marni x H&M alliance bring us accessories. Namely, jewelry. The Marni jewelry designs are the stuff my wildest dreams are made of. Big, over-sized necklaces made of plastic plates on silk chords. Lucite and earth stone bracelets the size of a car tire. Earrings that dust the shoulders with bright green and purple squares.

To put it simply, Marni jewelry speaks to my soul. I've admired it from afar for so long (over $600 for a plastic necklace is just too much for me), but now I'm optimistic that I might be able to finally own a piece. You can see some awesome baubles in the video.

I'll line up for all that stuff, no sweat. With a thermos of cappuccinos and a lawn chair, I'll park my ass in front of the store to be one of the first to scoop up some accessories.

We have a few months to plan our attack ... the line hits stores in March 2012. In the meantime, watch their promotional video and get excited for kaleidoscopic jewels you'll be wearing in no time.

Are you excited about Marni for H&M?


Photo via YouTube

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