Courtney Stodden’s Church Outfit Is Unforgivable (PHOTO)


courtney stoddenCourtney Stodden gives us some great teachable moments. The 17-year-old teen bride who married that creepy old actor, Doug Hutchison, is becoming an excellent source for what not to wear round-ups. First there was her pumpkin pin-up look, and now there's this. Over the weekend, Courtney and Doug were photographed walking into an L.A. church. Yes, church. And that's our girl in a black dress so revealing that it made Jesus blush and metallic gold stripper heels so over-the-top that when she walked by, church-goers dropped to their knees and begged for salvation.

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, and forgive Courtney Stodden, for she knows not what she does.

Doug Hutchison


Courtney clearly has no qualms walking into church looking like a cheap hooker, but because of her terrible decision, we've learned another lesson. This is probably the best example we'll ever get when it comes to what not to wear to church. I want to bathe Courtney in holy water and wake her up from the drugged nightmare that is her marriage, but since I can't, I'll just have to pray that her sartorial mistakes will show the youngins the difference between right and wrong.

Perhaps before a tween puts on a dress Sunday morning that barely covers her crotch and shoes that are tackier than her own self-tanned legs, she'll see Courtney's church-going look and realize that hmm, it might not be appropriate. And if one young lady learns from Courtney's missteps, then her horrendous style is not all for naught.

Courtney is quite un-literally changing lives with each and every one of her overtly sexual, begging-for-attention dress selection. Without her, we may not have known just how wrong a church outfit could be. Thanks to Courtney and may god bless her and her heaven-made breasts. (Because, they're real. Did ya hear?)

I can't wait for Court's next outfit lesson. Anyone else looking forward to the most revealing Mrs. Claus dress we've ever seen?

Which look of Courtney's did you love/hate more: The pumpkin patch one or this church one?


Photo via Splash News

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Kritika Kritika

My church simply would not have let her in.

MrsSi... MrsSimonsen

I would tell her "you must be looking for the strip club down the street, this is a church"

jelly... jellyphish

Inappropriate, sure. But what happened to "come as you are"? Shouldn't a CHURCH, of all places, accept all kinds of people? Did no one learn anything from Jesus?

Stephanie Cramer

I think you're missing the entire point of church.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Kritika- that's sad. If anyone ever needed the help from church it's her right now.

Stephanie Cramer

sweetcherry - It's sad that you think people have to impress God with the clothes they wear.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Christ wouldn't turn her away from his church so who is man to turn her away? Her dress may be inapropriate but this girl needs help and Jesus in her life.

Stephanie Cramer

Wow. Looks like someone's not the only one who need Christ in their life. =)

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Wow.....aren't you witty. *eye roll*

Don't jump to assumptions about people you know nothing about. It only shows your ignorance.

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