Beware Lots of Hot, Shirtless Guys This Black Friday

abercrombie & fitch hollister black fridayI've heard my fair share of funny marketing gimmicks to get customers into stores on Black Friday, but I think this year's from Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister takes the cake. The teencentric preppy clothing company, which is opening at midnight on Black Friday, will have an extra special something waiting to greet you. Or should I say someone?

Ready for it? Thousands of dark skinny jean-wearing attractive, shirtless men will be plaguing stores across the country this Friday. Just so you know, they've been doing "thousands of push-ups" preparing for the big day.

Sure, I love me a shirtless hunk now and then. But honestly, if there's one time I DON'T want to see a half-naked man it's on Black Friday.

Hear me out:


Black Friday is about competition. When I'm dashing from table to table inside the dimly lit store trying to buy my 14-year-old cousin the trendiest moose-touting v-neck in between pit stops at the Christmas Tree Shops and Bed Bath and Beyond, I don't need some shirtless guy standing in my way distracting me. Yes, your abs are beautiful. However, Black Friday is about the adrenaline of the sale and the overall haul at the end of the day. I can see shirtless men all of the time at my local gym.

And a side note: You do NOT need to take a picture with these guys. If you do, you may be jeopardizing the safety of everyone. Haven't you seen videos of Black Fridays past? If thousands stampeded to snag themselves a new digital camera, don't you think the same thing could happen at the opportunity to snap a photo with these guys? I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is some stranger touching me when I'm overtired and on a serious shopping mission. 

I wonder ... could a concept like this actually be detrimental to Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister's sales? I can totally see women just stopping in to check out the eye candy after they've stopped by the bigger sales elsewhere. I don't know if anyone can take shopping seriously with cutie like that around. Something tells me a 50 percent off sale would have been much much more effective.

What do you think of the shirtless gimmick? Would it get you to stop in the store and actually BUY something?

Image via gniliep/ Flickr

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